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No description

on 11 June 2014

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Transcript of Matilda

Socialization is “the process by which people learn to adopt the acceptable and practiced norms, values, behaviors and attitudes that enable them to function as members of a society” (Omoro, 2014).
Other Characters ...
These characters are seen in the school environment .
Media Portrayal
Of Family Members
A small family consisting of only the parents;
Mr. and Mrs. Wormwood and their children
Michael and Matilda Wormwood
Director: Danny DeVito
Movie: Matilda
Getting to know Matilda's Family ....
Mr. and Mrs. Wormwood
Michael Wormwood
N.B: Miss Honey (Matilda’s teacher) adopts Matilda and becomes her new caregiver
Matilda’s biological family is portrayed as selfish, ignorant and bias
Characteristics of the biological family
according to the media...
Corruption -
Mr. Wormwood, the father and his business
Bias -
The parents and their view of education, preferential treatment of a specific gender etc.
Materialism -
The mother only cares about her looks money and riches just like the father
- The parents neglect the importance of values in their family e.g father neglect the laws (driving, cheating etc.)
- The parents forget her age, the older brother, Michael barely knows arithmetic for someone his age, the mother cannot cook etc.

Later on, Matilda's family becomes the exact opposite of all these when Miss. Honey adopts her.
The socialization of children had its own major moral flaws especially with the agent of socialization that is present. The major location in this movie is the home. Therefore,
the family
is the major agent of socialization.

Socialization of Children in the Movie
Main Character
According to J. Omoro, the family is “The earliest and without question the most influential agent. It grabs the child at birth, when the child is most helpless and dependent, and doesn’t let go for a whole lifetime” (2014).
Her family does not perform their roles because they do not give her;
, the family does not have moral values and the child has to get her morals from books.

Her family also disrespect education. Therefore, they disregard her values as a young girl.
Michael Wormwood
Preferred by his parents as a boy
Talks more freely
Happy child with a good life
Impacts of Family
Values on the Children
Positive Outcome
Knowledge etc.
Negative Outcome
No values
Effects and Message
to Audience
Relationships outside family

Importance of knowledge

Responsibility and independence
Uselessness of education



Isolation from other children
Encourage reading amongst kids by using Matilda's character (altered) as an ideal role model for children
Emphasize on rewards and punishments
Show the importance hard work
Guidelines For the
Reduce the emphasis on materialism and show what contentment means

Show how fun and peaceful school can be for little children
Thank You For Listening !
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