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A Smart Cookie

A Vignette from "House on Mango Street" by Sandra Cisneros

Lauryn VIckers

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of A Smart Cookie

What would you have done if you were
in the mother's predicament?
Do you think it would have changed Esperanza's life if her mother had gone to school?
Why does the mother believe that shame is a bad thing? Do you think shame is a bad thing? Why or why not? Questions! "I was a smart cookie then"
This quote tells us how Esperanza's mother was a very bright person when she was young. It also shows that she had the potential to be better off in life if she stayed in school.
"I could have been somebody, you know?"
This quote tells us how Esperanza's mother feels about not going to school. She feels that she could have given her family a better life if she would have stayed in school.
"Shame is a bad thing, you know?"
This quote shows us that her feelings of shame for not having nice clothes is the reason she decided to drop out of school. Key Quotes: -Regret
-Disappointment Theme! The major conflict of this vignette is Esperanza's
mother quitting school because she didn't have nice clothes. Esperanza mom regrets that decision and feels she could have given her family a better life if she would have stayed in school. Conflict? Analysis! In the vignette "A smart cookie" Esperanza
talks about the sadness that her mother feels about quitting school because she didn't have nice clothes. Her mother regrets her decision because she believes if she had not quit school she could have made something of herself and her family could have lived a better life. Need a refresher? By: Levelle, Tenecia, Alpha,
Tyshawna, and Lauryn "A Smart Cookie" One symbol in this vignette is Madame Butterfly. Esperanza calls her mother Madame Butterfly because she compares the characteristics of her mother to this Opera singer. Esperanza's mother called Madame Butterfly a fool, therefore, Esperanza is calling her mother a fool. Esperanza calls her mother a fool because she chose to quit school because she didn't have nice clothes.
Esperanza's mom also mentions her "comadres" which means sister-in-law. She explains their foolishness, comparing her sister-in-laws to Madame Butterfly's thoughtless characteristics and dependency on men. This vignette relates to the rest of the novel because it
explains the reason for of their hardships, which was caused by her mothers lack of education. Relation! Lesson Student Interviews about dropping out: This relates to the novel and to our vignette because it shows
the reason one student dropped out, and how she felt about school now. It also relates to some of the feelings Esperanza's mother had about herself, and toward Esperanza about her education. Madame Butterfly
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