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Virtual Tour of Palace of Versailles

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Jimena Gonzalez

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Virtual Tour of Palace of Versailles

The Palace of Versailles The Hall of Mirrors I chose the hall of mirrors because it is unbelievable how many mirrors it contains. In all of King Louis palace, it is the biggest room. It has seventeen mirrors that each face one window, having a view to the gardens. Just in decoration, there are 357 mirrors used on the arches, each one having 21. Kings and Queens all around the world wanted a palace as big and extravagant as Louis´s. I believe that the room they were most impressed with was the hall of mirrors. They should have been amazed by the number of mirrors and the size of the room. I believe that the more kings and queens saw this area, the more they wanted a place like that in their palace. King Louis XIV used the hall of mirrors as a council room. In 1918, it was used for the signature of the Versailles treaty. This was an important treaty which ended World War 1. In 1871, the proclamation of the German Empire by Otto Van Bismarck occured in this hall. The Royal Chapel I chose the Royal Chapel because it is a very important place in the palace. The king itself only used the chapel for 5 years. It took so long to finish it that he died after five years of using it. The architect, Hardouin-Mansart, died before the end of the construction. Robert de Cotte, who was his brother in law replaced him and finished it. The fact that made me chose this part of the palace was that it took so long to finish it that two architects were needed. What kings and queens must been impressed with in this area, was with the material this chapel was constructed in. It had gold ans silver all around it. Many valuable materials were used to construct this area of the palace. The king had a mass that usually at 10 am at the royal chapel he sat on the royal gallery and only go down to the nave to recieve comunion. During 1710 and 1789, there were weddings and baptisms of adults and children of France celebrated in this royal chapel. The Queen’s Chamber The Queen´s chamber was a very important room in the palace. It was there where Anne of Austria gave birth to King Louis XIV and his twin brother Philippe. Also, nineteen "Children of France" were born there. The queen spent most of her time in this room. I chose the Queen´s chamber because I knew that Anne of Austria and King Louise XIII hated each other ans slept in different rooms, so i wanted to find out more about her and her belongings, such as her chamber. Since they hated each other, I wanted to know if the Queen´s room was as glamorous and big as the King´s. The kings and Queens all around the world must have been impressed with the size and material used in this room. It was huge and had a lot of decorations. I belivee that specialy Queens all around the world must had wished to have a room such as this one. Bilbliography Jimena Gonzalez #10 Daniela White #21
Ms. Monique Autrique
History 7B
November 17, 2010

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The qualities that king Louis XIV need to have to be able to rule France are; Prestige, means reputation or influence arising from success, achievement, rank, or other favorable attributes. Organization is very important in this case, which means the act or process of organizing things you want to be done well and in order. Also personality, the visible aspect of one`s character as it impresses others. He has his own personality, his own way of thinking , working, expressing, and ruling. A last thing is diplomacy , that means the conduct by government officials of negotiations and other relations between nations. Louis XIV was very careful with other kingdoms to be able to have a good relationship and couldn`t be attack by others and have the support of them. What qualities do you think Louis XIV wanted people to associate with his rule, military strength, wealth, political power, cultural brilliance? Why?
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