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lauchlan atkinson

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of Slavery

Impacts of Slavery
The impacts of slavery are;
Before, there were only white people living in the U.S ( Including the other countries which had African slaves) but when they brought slaves from Africa, it was their first time bringing black people to their country. But now, we can see there are a lot of people that are getting married with different races(also black people are living in America, and they can speak English). After what happened people are still using slavery despite what happened in history and being thought not to and finding out the consequences.
Modern Slavery
Slavery is a growing issue affecting men, women and children. Slaves nowadays are forced into human trafficking or prostitution, forced to work in agriculture, do domestic work, work in factories or sweat shops, produce goods for global supply chains or even pay off family debts.
Modern slavery isn't as easily spotted as it was in the olden days. It still does exist but its more low profile and people don't necessarily call it slavery. That is what people have to watch out for.
History of Slavery
In 18th and 19th century Black people were used as slaves, the reason why was because the white people thought that they were the dominant race. The white people would go to Africa, they wouldn't take even do it themselves, what they would do they would ask African's to hunt each other and they would award that tribe with weapons and food, after they would capture the africans they would put them into the deck under the boat and tie them together with chains.
Comparison between
noughts and Crosses
The slavery that has happened in the book noughts and Crosses is the Crosses gained advantages over the noughts rather than the other way around, and made noughts their slaves.
In noughts and Crosses, slavery has ended, but the conditions for the noughts are still deplorable. noughts and Crosses both attended segregated schools and many noughts, can't afford to send all their children to school.
Slavery or human trafficking as it is called today was a legal ecosystem of using people as property and treating them badly. A person is in slavery if they are
Forced to work through mental or physical threat.
Owned or controlled by an "employer" through mental and physical threat or abuse.
Treated as property for example being bought and sold.
Having restrictions on his or her freedom movement.
History of slavery (Jobs)
When Black people were used as slaves they would be made to look after children go into cotton fields and the only place they could sleep would be in a hut outside the house were they would be crowded together. They were used to farm tobacco.
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