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No description

mariah killian

on 7 April 2011

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Transcript of Recycling

Recycling By: Mariah Killian
Alex Grabeman
Danielle Cain Annalee Abbott Recycling Papers
Cardboard Can lead to a less polluted world Recycling can also save energy. Aluminum Recycling aluminum can use
only 5% of the energy needed to make a can
from ore, the natural source of aluminum. Recycling saves energy because
were slowing pollution, saving land,
stoping global warming. Steel Recycling steel saves
metal, saves animals and
has good recycling causes. Paper When we recycle paper
we save trees make pencils and
help the enviroment Plastics Plastics kill animals in our
enviroment. If we recycle plastics and other materials
we can make a change now go talk to the plastic
bag he has somthing to say. Glass Cardboard Recycling carboard is important
because there are chemical fumes put into cardboard
and when we burn it we polluted the air some more.
And if we don't recycle cardboard them fumes kill animals that try to eat it. One of the man resons id the cardboard also comes from trees. Recycling cardboard
saves: Trees
Slows air pollution Glass effects the world in bad
ways consider the fact that people
don't care. Glass bottles kill many animals
and it hurts everyone even if we don't
realize it.
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