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Cake Decorating

No description

Blair Zavitz

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of Cake Decorating

Cake Decorating
Research Details
Research Topic: Cake Decorating
Overall Goal: To learn the basics and experience being a cake decorator
Product: Cupcake Cake
Spend time with my mentor and fascinated with how to make the designs.
Supporting Research
Creative Outlet
stress reliever
Oven tries to burn
Mentor Hours
Extra Income Stories
I am very creative and can fix a problem easily
I really wouldn't change anything.
I plan on making this a side job in the future.
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Thesis Statement
Cake decorating is a valuable skill that offers many benefits such as an enjoyable career or a source of extra income as a part time business, a creative outlet, and a source of happiness and fulfillment.
Supporting Research
Extra Income for the decorator
Need a marketing plan
coffee shop
local flea market
birthdays, special events
comfort food
Supporting Research
Cake Decorating
by Blair Zavitz
Mrs. Wiggins
English IV
Winter 2014
Ever wondered as you walked into a store and see cakes with magnificent flowers and design of how a decorater could do such things?
Product Practices
Goals/stretch Product
barely ever baked
Decorating gave me an creative outlet as stress reliever and a source of happiness when I gave it out to other students.
Logical Link to Product
I accomplished making a cake all myself and me enjoying it.
I accomplished it being a stress reliever for me of my senior project.
More Product Practice
Michelle Williams
7 years
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