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1.5 Constructing Your Health Decisions

LMS Project

Safiyyah Kausar

on 24 March 2015

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Transcript of 1.5 Constructing Your Health Decisions

Public policy or media/technology resource that influences our health
No Smoking Zones
No smoking zones create a safer, more healthy environment. When a parent sees that a certain place is Smoke-free, they have confidence that their children are safe in that area. In addition to that, these zones are a good way to reduce the habit of someone who is smoking. If a smoker is in a no smoking zone, then they will abstain from smoking, which is better for their health, and people around them.
Safiyyah Kausar
No Smoking Zones
Life Management Skills
June 21, 2014
Mrs. Libby Nyland
: )
1.5 Constructing Your Health Decisions
Many people in our community saw advertisements on television about Obamacare. They learned that they could have proper healthcare to take care of their health needs. Upon hearing this, they told their friends and family about it. Therefore, the news spread like wildfire by aired advertisments on television and Youtube, but also by word of mouth.
How it influences your health

This led to more people in our community being able to receive proper health care. People became healthier and took control of their life again. Obamacare has a positive effect on the health of our community overall.
No smoking zones created a cleaner environment for our citizens. People felt safer when they were in no smoking zones, and parents felt that their children were secure. It helps reduce the habits of smokers too, by not allowing them to smoke. Also, it improved the health of all citizens overall and was a good influence on the community's health overall.

Individual responsibilities:
A person has the responsibility of enhancing their health by choosing foods that will benefit them, and exercising to keep their body healthy. They can dictate whether or not they will be influenced by the media. “If they do not pick the right meals for their family, the media will.”
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