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10p5 Features of Spontaneous Speech

No description

Miss O'Gara

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of 10p5 Features of Spontaneous Speech

To explore the features of spontaneous speech Entry Task: Look at the sheet on your table and fill in as much as you can... Lets identify some examples from the following clips... Now we're going to look at a text message conversation...are any features of spontaneous speech evident here? 1: Did u get the e-mail? Gotta sort it out soon!
2: Ermm...wot e-mail?!
1: LOL! She sed she'd sent it?!
2: No :(
1: NM I'll send it now :) Controlled Assessment In order to get a good mark you will need to use sophisticated vocabulary to show your ideas Have a look at the data you collected over the weekend - what features of spontaneous speech can you identify? Learning Objective: What are the similarities and differences between spoken and digital communication? ‘Spontaneous’ means it hasn’t been rehearsed or is unprepared. Talk is usually spontaneous. Is spoken language becoming increasingly influenced by digital communication?
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