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The Super Frozen Water Gun

No description

Salvatore Plant

on 23 November 2015

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Transcript of The Super Frozen Water Gun

The Super Frozen Water Gun

paintball gun
a gun that shoot paintballs
The Super Frozen Water Gun
Shoots water, which is easy to get, and turns to ice, which can immobilize someone, handcuff someone, trap someone, even build tools, or create foot and hand holds on flat surfaces, or closing holes in camps or build forts.
squirt gun
a gun used for playing
didn't hurt, small and lightweight
What is super frozen water?
it's water that is below freezing, but does not become ice because of it's pressure and stillness.
Upon touching another surface it will immediately turn to very cold pure ice.
what did we use before?
had little water and ran out quickly. was not practical for anything but having fun.
some what practical, can hurt people a little, but not kill
still not very practical, heavy and needs paintballs
What does it do?
heavy, and if broken can kill you or people around you
A water Gun That shoots super frozen water
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