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The Turbulent Term of Tyke Tiler

act 1 scene 1-9

mubashir nadeem

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of The Turbulent Term of Tyke Tiler

act 1 scene 1-9 The Turbulent Term of Tyke Tiler Danny steals a ten pound note from Mrs bonn's purse and shows it to Tyke.Tyke gets angry and tells him that when we will spend these all people will say where did it come from. Danny gets worried and hands over the responsibilities to Tyke. scene 1 Tyke is standing by the school corridor.Suddenly Mrs Somers comes and asks Tyke that what is he doing here. Tyke is speechless so Mrs Somers orders him to leave the corridor. scene 2 scene 3 the head enters in the class and announces that a ten pound note is missing from Mrs Bonn's purse. He doesn't wants to call the police so in the packup time they will check all the desks tables and coats. all the class grons. scene 4 In school storeroom Tyke enters and sees a picture of sir Walter Reliegh. He hides the the note behind the picture and leaves the storeroom. scene 5 Tyke is sitting in his living room. Suddenly Mr Tiler comes in. They both wrestle on the floor.Then Tyke asks his dad that if a teacher losts 10 pound note she will miss those or not. Dad says her to go to sleep. scene 6 Danny tell Tyke a marrow bone.He tells Danny about the tenner that was missing from the picture. scene 7 after the the assembly Tyke comes to know that The head has found the tenner. The head announces that Tyke tiler and Danny price come to my office. scene 8 the head tells the tenner to Tyke and asks that has he seen this yet but tyke is unable to answer so the head punishes him. scene 9 Danny tells Tyke about the tenner that he apologized mrs Bonn and she wasn't cross at all. she told her that she has invited him for a party. Tyke was cross because she had done nothing and she had to write lines, got detention papers. hope you enjoy it!
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