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What Happened?

No description

Mathilde Berthon

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of What Happened?

What Has Been Done
All around the world, money has been raised from sales, charity events, fairs and generous donations
Typhoon Haiyan In the Philippines
What Happened?
The deadly typhoon that swept through the Philippines was one of the strongest ever recorded.
Typhoons gain their strength by drawing heat out of the ocean. Tropical oceans are especially warm, which is why the biggest storms, Category 4 and Category 5, emerge there. These storms also intensify when there's cool air over that hot ocean.
The storm has now made landfall in north Vietnam, near the Chinese border, but has weakened to a tropical storm.
Nearly all the buildings that the Hurricane Haiyan came across were destroyed by the its incredible power.
in the far north of Cebu province had shown some towns had suffered "80-90% damage"
Damage Caused
Total damage to residential, commercial and agricultural properties from the storm will be as much as $14.5 billion
Ferries are evacuating people for a temporary amount of time until the philippines is in a better state.
About the Typhoon
It was formed November 3rd 2013
it struck November 8th 2013
winds up to 315 km per hour
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