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Kitchen Designs

No description

Tanya Epting

on 2 July 2014

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Transcript of Kitchen Designs

Modern Kitchen Design
Eclectic Kitchen Design
Galley Kitchen Layout
U Shape Kitchen Layout
Contemporary Kitchen
Picture http://uuldesign.com/home-decoration/kitchen/cheerful-color-for-your-kitchen-cabinets/attachment/funky-and-stylish-color-kitchen-furniture/
Picture: http://hit-decor.net/luxury/kitchen/exclusive-luxury-kitchen-design-and-home-improvement/
The Essential Work Triangle Kitchen Layout
L Shape Kitchen Layout
Traditional Kitchen Design
Main Characteristics of a Contemporary Kitchen
Clean lines
Minimalistic look - very similar to the Contemporary Kitchen
Spacious and open floor plan
Main characteristics of a Modern Kitchen
Clean lines
Light color woods (preferred)
Frosted glass in cabinets
Floor to ceiling cabinets

Counter Top
Natural Stone (has the clean and polished look)
Granite or marble are often sot after due to the heat durability and natural wear
4 Kitchen Layouts & Top 4 Kitchen Designs
Clean and open interior
Open floor plan
Minimalistic design
Modern appliances
Effective space planning
Only the "bare essentials" are on the counter tops
All decorations and clutter are removed
Cabinets and counter tops have simple and clean lines (no hardware showing)
Flat and frame-less cabinets
Modern and updated appliances
Natural material is highly recommended
Focuses on the cook's needs
Everything arranged for the best movement from one appliance or work area to another
Most have high-end industrial appliances
Windows (if any) are left bare unless the window treatment is to reduce direct sunlight
Color Scheme
Splash of color in the accessories or minimal decorations
Often natural colors and environmentally friendly material
A larger amount of tile, stone, stainless steel and wallpaper
Subtle and sleek lighting
Accent lighting in the glass cabinets are common or mini spotlights
Solid colors - mainly black, white or grey
Back Splash may contain more color or texture
Splash of color is incorporated such as pale olive green or subtle yellow (muted colors)
Sleek stainless steel
Fridge, Microwave, Ovens - clean lines and smooth tops
Main characteristics of an Eclectic Kitchen
Using a variety of different influences and time periods
Unconventional look - nothing really has to match
Allows one to use the influences they already have in their home
There are no rules for this design (but everything has a place and purpose)
Using different styles of furniture or decorations but keeping the same basic height, shape or dimension
Having a variety of different styles of lamps, chairs or tables
Carefully matching the old with the new to make it seamless
Allows one to use what they already own and add to it
Choose a main color and then stick to those hues through out
Add some color to the accent pieces or wall decorations to keep it colorful and energetic
Add texture to the back splash, ceiling or walls
Hanging pots from rod iron racks is quite common and placing a sisal type rug on a wooden floor
A relaxing and inviting space
No real order but everything is well planned and laid out
Lots of art work, candles, decorative plates and other handicrafts
Main Characteristic of a Traditional Kitchen
The Concept of a Triangle Kitchen Layout
3 main points of the Work Triangle
Sink, Stove, Fridge
The triangle configuration is found in different layouts such as the L shape, U Shape and Gallery/Corridor
Helps to regulate work flow
Cook should be able to access all 3 points in an easy manner
Distant between the 3 points may not be far away
The minimum distance between any two points may be 4 feet and the maximum distance may be 9 feet
Total sum of the three sides should not be longer than 26 feet
No frequent traffic should cross through the triangle
Picture: http://www.kitchens.com/design/layouts/the-work-triangle/the-work-triangle
Picture: http://www.jlkitchen.com/kitchen-design-layout.html
Sink is primary on a perimeter wall of the kitchen and has a window above it.
The sink could be located on a kitchen island
There needs to be an easy flow from the sink to each of the other two points
If there is only one sink, it should be placed between or across from the cooking area, work area or refrigerator
All sides are between 4 to 9 feet away and the sum of all three sides is less than 26 feet
Picture: http://cabinetsstaugustine.com/the-work-triangle/
If the stove and oven are not combined they should be located within 2-3 feet of each other
Since the oven is typically not used as much as the stove top the distance could be a little more apart if 2-3 feet does not work
If you use the oven as often as the stove then use the 2-3 feet rule
An example of the triangle in the U shape kitchen layout
An example of the triangle in a Corridor Kitchen Layout
Picture: http://www.tnmillerremodeling.com/custom/kitchens.htm
Example of a kitchen with a separate stove and oven - still incorporating the "work triangle".
Picture: http://www.architectoo.com/lovely-triangle-kitchen-island-design-ideas/awesome-hardwood-storage-with-countertops-on-central-kitchen-island-with-pretty-kitchen-ceiling-lamp-also-cool-kitchen-cabinet-ideas/
The refrigerator is the least important point to the work triangle, as a cook will not always be traveling back to the fridge
If any point of the triangle is going to be longer, have it be the line going from the sink or stove to the fridge
Make sure the refrigerator door opens into the triangle
Picture: http://www.homedit.com/20-l-shaped-kitchen-design-ideas-to-inspire-you/modern-l-shaped-kitchen/
The Concept of an L Shape Kitchen Layout
Great use of space for a small to medium size kitchen
Has counter tops that connect via two adjoining walls that are perpendicular creating an L shape
The L can face any direction
One side of the L is typically longer than the other, providing a larger work area
The stove, sink and dishwasher (if using one) are all located on the parts of the L
Keep in mind the "Work Triangle" when configuring the L shape kitchen
L shape kitchens can have an island adding more work and storage space (make sure that the "Work Triangle" is not too small)
A dining table may also be used inside the L for extra seating
Different L Shape Kitchen Layouts
Picture: http://afreakatheart.blogspot.ca/2013/07/sample-l-shaped-kitchen-design.html
Picture: http://www.hgtv.com/design-star/leslie-ezelles-design-portfolio/pictures/index.html
L Shape Layout with Island
Picture: http://www.which.co.uk/home-and-garden/home-improvements/guides/planning-a-kitchen/kitchen-design-ideas/
L Shape Kitchen Layout with "Work Triangle"
Picture: http://cabinetsstaugustine.com/five-basic-layouts/
Picture: http://www.kitchenideas.com.au/design_layout.html
The Concept of a U Kitchen Layout
Picture: http://www.pinterest.compin/574771971164278240/
Small Space U Shape Layout
Provides more counter/work space and storage
The "Work Triangle" is used to its maximum advantage
More space on all working sides
Works best in a large space to allow the cabinets not to hit each other when they open
You can add a U shape to a small area to provide the maximum work and storage space
Allows all the appliances to be around the person working in the kitchen
Sink is usually in the center or middle to be most efficient for the cook
Islands can be incorporated as long as the area is large enough that people can comfortably work and walk around without getting in the way of open cupboards or appliances
Picture: http://litlistubbur.blogspot.ca/2013/06/small-u-shaped-kitchen-ideas-pictures.html
U Shape Layout with Island
U Shape Kitchen Layout with "Work Triangle"
Picture: http://www.kitchenideas.com.au/design_layout.html
Picture: http://www.kitchenappliancereviews.net/u-shaped-kitchen-designs-ideas.html/large-kitchen-island-with-seating-and-storage-for-large-u-shaped-kitchen
Picture: http://www.kitchenideas.com.au/design_layout.html
Concept of a Galley Kitchen Layout
Picture: http://www.associerge.com/kitchen-layout-planning/the-galley-corridor-style-kitchen-design-layout-gets-its-name-from-43831/
Galley Kitchen Layout with "Work Triangle"
A kitchen with 2 sides of counters facing each other
'Galley' came from the term used in a boat kitchen (due to the small space), allows for easy movement and most useable space
Mainly used in small spaces such as apartments or condominiums to maximize all possible space
Allows for the most working and storage space
Can also be called a Corridor Kitchen Layout
For more open concept - can have the opposite side only counter top height
Picture: http://abookloversplace.blogspot.ca/2014/03/apartment-galley-kitchen-designs.html
Galley Kitchen Layout - Apartment
Picture: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/home-ideas/photo.html/svr/2712;jsessionid=DF80FE51F8D9071829746776A53DDAB9?homeImageId=20981570&searchTagIds=931
Galley Kitchen Layout - Larger
Picture: http://www.renovationskitchen.org/kitchen-units.html
Galley Kitchen Layout without the 2nd full wall - more an open concept feel
A style that doesn't go "out of style" as quickly
Warm and cozy feel
Combines the feel or 18th and 19th Century English and American style
Formal details
Elaborate trim and detail
Typically darker wood but is often a painted white
Softer and muted colors
Typically white, cream, taupe, grey or light green
Picture: http://www.newkitchensplus.net/kitchens-design.html
Typically raised or panel styles
Mainly Cherry, Walnut or Mahogany
Many are painted white or cream
Often the doors have fluted panels or rosette corner blocks
Elegant and classic trim and molding
Picture: http://utahscribs.wordpress.com/
Picture: http://nhhigheredforum.org/traditional-home-kitchen-designs/
Picture: http://www.mhidi.com/traditional-kitchen-designs-with-wooden-furniture.html/traditional-kitchen-designs
Lights have shape and detail
Tend to have chandelier or pendent lights hanging over an Island
Often lights are mounted under the cabinets or counters to add the extra working light
Traditional kitchen tend to have a lot of natural light - windows
Back Splashes and Flooring
Warm and natural colors
Tend to be tile, tin or stone
Marble or brick may also be used to bring in the natural elements
Flooring is either laminate, tile or hardwood
Coloring is neutral and either light or darker depending on the cabinet colors
Picture: http://www.houzz.com/photos/3947194/BACKSPLASH-Design-Ideas-VOL-2-traditional-kitchen-charlotte
Picture: http://www.houzz.com/photos/1773293/Glazed-Porcelain-Tile-Backsplash-traditional-kitchen-cleveland
Picture: http://zeointerior.com/monochromatic-diagonal-oak-flooring-with-walnut-stain-and-english-manor-traditional-kitchen-design.html/diagonal-oak-flooring-with-walnut-stain-traditional-kitchen
Picture: http://www.lonny.com/photos/Kitchen/Traditional
Picture: http://www.google.ca/imgres?imgurl=&imgrefurl=http%3A%2F%2Fkneeldown.net%2Fneat-idea-for-luxury-classic-modern-kitchen-design-best-contemporary-x%2F&h=0&w=0&tbnid=Wo-HLAe9Z2m8dM&zoom=1&tbnh=183&tbnw=275&docid=kEEIKwjSCACZuM&tbm=isch&ei=XqGkU7LpEYyxoQSD8oCADg&ved=0CAUQsCUoAQ
Picture: http://iplextor.com/incredible-elegant-and-wonderful-small-contemporary-kitchen-design-ideas/
Picture: http://www.gradcmu.net/modern-kitchen-design-ideas-dark-tones
Picture: http://kepoon.com/beautiful-modern-renovation-house-comes-with-the-contemporary-idea/elegant-parry-sound-kitchen-wastafel-glass-window/
Picture: http://www.iseecubed.com/lovely-contemporary-color-kitchen-design/
Picture: http://www.lifeofanarchitect.com/top-10-modern-kitchen-design-trends/
Picture: http://www.kustomate.com/8-types-of-luxury-modern-kitchen-designs/
Picture: http://living-kitchens.com/choosing-kitchen-countertops-while-keeping-your-budget-in-mind/modern-kitchen-white-quartz-countertops-ideas/
Picture: http://www.hgtvremodels.com/kitchens/kitchen-color-trends/index.html
Picture: http://living-kitchens.com/the-appropriate-kitchen-appliances-for-your-lovely-kitchen/kitchen-modern-kitchen-appliances-combining/
Picture: http://frommoontomoon.blogspot.ca/2013/04/fridges-what-ever-happened-to-good.html
Picture: http://www.jsyk.org/benefits-remodeling-kitchen-modern-styles/eclectic-kitchen-designs-in-colorful-schemes/
Picture: http://pichomez.com/glass-cabinet-ideas-for-modern-kitchen-design/
Picture: https://www.flickr.com/photos/30786944@N03/5629578808/
Picture: http://www.kitchen-design-angel.com/eclectic-kitchen-design.html
Picture: http://www.homeinspirationdesign.com/awesome-colorful-kitchen-design-ideas/
Picture: http://www.kitchentoday.net/traditional-kitchen-design-2013/traditional-kitchens-designs/
Picture: http://she777.com/kitchen-island-sink/6/elegant-kitchen-design-in-warm-shades-with-oven-sink-kitchen-island/
Picture: http://vedst.com/awesome-small-kitchen-island-with-sink/small-kitchen-island-design-sink-ideas/#image-1
Picture: http://www.fabtech.com.ph/news.php?news_id=7&start=0&category_id=2&parent_id=2&arcyear=&arcmonth=
Longest arm of the "work triangle"
L Shape Layout with Dining Table
Picture: http://www.savvysouthernstyle.net/2010/10/pot-racks.html
Back Splash
By: Tanya Epting
Course: EDCP 494 - 93Q
Professor: DeZwart

Part 1

The Kitchen Layouts
Essential "Work Triangle"
L Shape Layout
U Shape Layout
Galley Layout

Part 2

Top 4 Kitchen Designs
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