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Castle Park

No description

Tiffany Polanco

on 2 August 2013

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Transcript of Castle Park

Oread Institute (Castle Park)
How it changed over time
Oread Institute
The Oread Castle closed down because the city put a tax lien. The owner of the castle didn't pay their taxes for a long time.
When they finally took the castle, it was in bad condition, so they had to demolish it.
The castle reopened in 1905 to be a science laboratory.
The Kitchen Laboratory
Became known as the first women's college in Worcester Mass.
This institute closed in 1881.
Oread Castle was taken by the the city in 1934.
The founder of the Oread Institute was a man named Eli Thayer
They made a park where the castle was. There are swings and monkey bars where the north tower used to be.
This was a good idea so Main South could have more green space, but then this park just became a problem. Drug users started to go there to do their drugs.
More and more people started to see the drug users at Castle Park so it became known as Needle Park.
When you walk into Castle Park you notice right there that it's not a very nice looking place. Most of the time there are trash and needles on the ground.
Casey Starr, who works in the Main South CDC, is trying very hard to fix this. She tries to get the community involved to keep it clean; like the Park Stewards, and works to get more foot patrols.
Casey Starr has been working for a year and a half on trying to remodel Castle Park so that we can have a safe park in Main South for kids to play and feel safe.
To do this, we are going to need grants and the community's opinion. Who ever wants to give their opinion on how they think the park should go, or be designed, you can go down to the Main South CDC.

By making this difference in the park it would give the community a safe place to go, a place for kids to play and a place where programs can go.
What we learned
(spears, john pearl). (old landmarks and historical spots of worcester, mass) worcester: commonwealth press, pg64
(Rice, Franklin P.). (Dictionary of Worcester, MA and its vacinity), Worcester: F.S. Blanchard & CO, 1889, pg. 65
-Casey Starr

-Jack Foley

-Joe O'Brien
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