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Generative testing in Clojure

No description

Csaba Okrona

on 11 June 2014

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Transcript of Generative testing in Clojure

Generative testing in Clojure
Example based tests combining input generation, execution, output capture and validation inside single functions
Traditional unit tests
Two epic wins of
generative testing
Generator examples
more with
Traditional tests
Generative tests
hand-picked samples of the input domain
Traditional unit tests
vs. generative tests
Can be automated, but usually not trivial to decouple / generate
Code to be tested
Test spec
A declarative description of possible inputs to a function
Code that has access to the generators, the function being tested and the outputs - and validates them
Let's see some code
More primitive generators
Record generators
Probabilistic choices
Test definition
Thank you
Separation of concerns
Wide(r) coverage of the input domain
(Your mileage may vary)
Libs used:
Disclaimer: no QA people were harmed in the making of this talk
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