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No description

Mary Wheeler

on 23 September 2014

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Transcript of Maryland

The Start of Maryland
Maryland's Founder
Reasons for Settlement
Religious Practices
Towns/Cities in Maryland
Maryland's Economy
Politics in Maryland
Social Life in Maryland
Colony Type
Indian Relations
The state of Maryland was named to honor
Queen Henrietta Maria
, the wife of England's King Charles I.
George Calvert
had received a royal charter for the land from King Charles I.
However, he died before the colony was founded making it so his son,
Cecil Calvert
, had to found the colony.
Cecil Calvert, 2nd Lord of Baltimore, founded Maryland in
When Maryland was founded one of it's main reasons was for
Religious Freedom.
It was created as a haven for
English Catholics
in the new world at the time of the European wars of religion.
It soon became a haven for many others
We want to give you a
place to live where you are
free to believe
what you want.
St. Mary's City
Its first settlement and
The Athens of America
Great place to experience many cultural activities, a glittering social season, gracious hospitality and intellectual stimulation
The small seaport brings visitors from around the world

Founded on a tobacco-centered economy
Sandy plains bordering the Chesapeake Bay were ideal for growing tobacco
Come To Maryland!!
Most people here are either Protestants or Catholics, but there are also a few Jewish and Non-Religious people.
welcome all religions
, we do not discriminate against others.
We have big Families so work is easily divided up.
This makes for more free time to fish, hike, play with friends.
People here are mainly Farmers or Fishermen

By Cecil Calvert, otherwise known as the 2nd Lord Baltimore.
Maryland has a proprietary government.
Adopted a
Declaration of Rights
to refine their duties and powers of each branch of government.
Lord Baltimore passed the
Tolerance Act
which stated that you couldn't put down other's religions.
Children made games like Bobbin for Apples, Jump Rope, and Marbles.
The Southern Colonies had the largest slave population who worked on the plantations.
, and o
ther crops
were on plantations
We are known for our delicious
, and
Crops were traded for items that could not be produced on the plantations including

We have a Proprietary Colony!
Which means we have full governing right of our colony.
We don't get orders from the King of England anymore.

Lords Proprietors hold the power and made most of the decisions.
We have established free schools for children.
Cecil Calvert
In 1695 we taxed exported furs so we could raise funds for these schools.
George Calvert
Cecil Calvert
Since the colony was settled in 1632, we have had
friendly encounters
with the Native Americans.
They have taught us many useful thing in order for us to survive.
See, unlike other colonies who have

died and fought

with the Indians, we have made

Famous People
August 8, 1605, in Kent County, England

England, never immigrated to Maryland.

November 30, 1675, in Middlesex, England.

Anne Arundell, of Wardour, England
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