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Thomas Hobbes, enlightenment figure.

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Isaac Temelkoff

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Thomas Hobbes, enlightenment figure.

Significance of Hobbes on Today's Society

Thomas Hobbes left an everlasting influence on political thought. His idea of people being selfish and brutal and his thoughts on the role of government led to more investigations such as by John Locke. After the Revolution, his ideas also influenced federalists in arguments to adopt the Constitution. He thought that all people should have equal rights and nobody should have more power over anyone else,(besides the King, who should have absolute power). Due to Hobbes' ideas, they saw that people cannot survive without a strong central government that would protect them. Even today scholars still study and discuss his work. The questions Hobbes stated in the seventeenth century are still important today because he challenged the relationship between science and religion and also the limitations of power the government should have.
Thomas Hobbes, enlightenment figure.
By Isaac Temelkoff, Jamila Freeman, and Michael Adelman.
Birth and Death Date
-Thomas Hobbes was born on April 5th,1588

-He died December 4th, 1679
Who was he?
Thomas Hobbes was an English philosopher, best known today for his work on political philosophy. His book "Leviathan" established the foundation for most of Western political philosophy by using the social contract theory.
His Important Theories and Ideas.
He has been credited with the development of the social contract theory
He wrote the book Leviathan

Important Works
Thomas Hobbes' book "Leviathan" established the foundation for the most western political philosopher from the perspective of the social contract theory.
Concepts developed by Thomas
The right of the individual
The natural equality of men
The artificial character of the political order
The liberal interpretation of law which leaves people free to do whatever the law does not explicitly forbid
It is not wisdom but authority that makes a law.
-Thomas Hobbes
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