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EN BlindShell - introduction

BlindShell is a smartphone application providing access to Android system for visually impaired users. The application is controlled by simple touch gestures. A unique, easy-to-use keyboard for writing numbers and texts is seamlessly integrated.

BlindShell UI

on 18 June 2016

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Transcript of EN BlindShell - introduction

smartphone application for visually impaired users
There are over 285 millions
of visually impaired people in the world
39 millions of those people are blind
Nowadays, they are in big trouble…

... because no
solution exists

keyboard old-fashion solution

Phones with HW keyboard equipped with special software e.g. Mobile Speak

Sold out
so we created

Voice synthesizer, sound and vibrations
Unique alphanumeric keyboard

What is opinion of our users
"This is the best keyboard on touch phone!"
"If I could, I would immediately buy it!"
"I couldn't imagine
such a simple
solution before!"

Close your eyes and write an sms:

touch-phone solution

Explore by Touch, e.g. TalkBack by Google, (VoiceOver by Apple)

Too complicated
Simple touch gestures

Calls, Messages, Contacts, Alarm, Notes, Voice recorder, Book reader, Color recognition, Settings, State information, Favorites, Missed events, Help
First commercial version
released in March 2014

More than 50 users
Looking for new distribution channels
Looking for investors

Character writing by drawing, money recognition, navigation and more
What is next?
We would like to thank our partners:
NGO SONS, Dedina and Vodafone foundation

Thank you for your attention
the easiest way to touch phones
for visually impaired users
Key features
Design by users
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