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PYP EXHIBITION 2015: The Jungle and it´s Biodiversity

Read this prezi to informate about the Jungle and it´s Biodiversity!

Jimena Tapia Sánchez

on 16 October 2018

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Transcript of PYP EXHIBITION 2015: The Jungle and it´s Biodiversity

We met our mentors
This is a video about the
importance of the
Central Idea
Tun ng In
Finding Out
Going Further
Jimena Tapia
Valeria Moran
camila moreno
Joaquin Mestanza
Marco Astoquilca

jenny escobar
Yoli Barbu

Making Conclusions
Learning about the importance of the Biodiversity in the Peruvian Jungle lead us to act responsible.
Taking Action
Lines of Inquiry
1. Types of animals and
plants in the Peruvian Jungle.
2. How its inhabitants
affect the Biodiversity of the Jungle.
We chose this topic because the peruvian jungle has a lot of variety of flora and fauna.
Why is important the biodiversity of the Peruvian

The fauna is the set of animal species that inhabit a geographic region that can be found in a given ecosystem.

It refers to all the plants that populate a region, the description of these, their abundance and flowering periods.
Pink Dolphin
Some of Flora and Fauna of the Peruvian Jungle
The Peruvian Jungle and it's

And here is what we investigated

The visit to "El parque de las leyendas":
Related Concepts
Key Concepts
1. Appreciation
2. curiosity
1. Flora and Fauna
2. Conservation
1. form: what is it like?
2. change: how is it changing?
Making the souvenirs
The biodiversity is important to keep the biological balance, so different species
can survive.
Without the jungle biodiversity all the world is affected.

Our survey to 4th grade "D"

Now pay attention to our show...
somes animals are used
some animaLs are use for bad things, for example the tapir
is used for make pills.
Sangre de Grado
How the people destroy the biodiversity?
Natural Reserves
The Peruvian jungle has 3
main natural reserves : "the natural reserve of tambopata", "the parque nacional of manu" and "Pacaya Samiria".
We inquiry on books...
Production of the fruit Camu camu
Camu Camu
Madre de dios = 0
What is Flora and Fauna?
aND ONline
Biodiversity is important for sustaining
life on earth because it prevents any
one species from throwing the balance of nature out of order.
= 1, 482
= 11, 123

Among the 17 countries with high biodiversity around the world, our country is among the top ten.
4,200 species of butterflies.
1,816 species of birds.
262 species of amphibians.
263 species of mammals.
2,000 species of fish.
180 species of reptiles.
This Survey that show us that they need to learn about the jungle's biodiversity.
Many students know why is important the biodiversity.
Giant otter
many students didn't know that the jaguar is the king of the peruvian jungle.
many students love this culture.
more students can addapted to the jungle.
1.do you think that the biodiversity is important?
3.do you know who is the king of the peruvian jungle?
4.do you like the jungle culture?
5.can you addapted to the jungle?
Colibri cola de espatula
Parque nacional of tambopata
parque nacional of manu
pacaya samiria
Deforestation in the peruvian jungle
the deforestation in the peruvian jungle provoc loss of many forests putting in denger: animals that lives on the forests and houses of many animals.
but we can also preserve the peruvian jungle like without
cuting down the trees, without hunting, etc. but if we dont act fasterly we will miss the peruvian jungle.

Thanks for paying attention to our show...
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