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REM - RedRum Productions A2 Media Studies Group Evaluation

Did you know you can measure whether students have fragmented or cohesive conceptions of mathematics, or whether they learn at a surface- or deep-level? Did you know there are concept inventories available for research purposes at the level of prealgebra

Daniel Hunt

on 26 April 2011

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Transcript of REM - RedRum Productions A2 Media Studies Group Evaluation

REM - RedRum Productions
A2 Media Studies Group Evaluation - Prosser & Trigwell, 1997 When planning specific dates and times for filming, we decided that the half term would be the best time to complete most of the footage needed. As the holidays approached, the provisional filming dates fell through, making meeting up us a group a difficult task. As a result, filming dates were pushed further back, closer to the dealine, placing our group under emmence pressure. This detremental to the editor, as it left him with less time to complete the notriously lengthy editing process. Assignment Brief Props were transported to the relevent locations in Prop Boxes we had assigned for different scenes, with relevent props included and sorted inside by our Props Manager, Erik. Prelim Film Task We chose to recreate the 2009 Box Office hit 'Paranormal Activity'.

Being the first successful 'handheld camera' film since 'The Blair Witch Project' we chose to emulate scenes for its simplicity and use of limited but similar equipment.

The project in turn did not materialise in the form we envisioned it to. Learning from this, we were able to get to grips with our camera; what it could do and how we could use this to our advantage for the making of the horror trailer.

Other problems included, losing track of the brief, in turn making a short movie in comparison to an actual horror trailer.

To complete this final film:
We became aware of the amount of planning that had to be placed into the production process; this was enabling us to cover any problems that could arise

The extended amount of time that editing had taken; in comparison to the final trailer, 'REM' which quadrupled in time to that of Paranormal Activity.

These were two important parts of the film to which we had to address issues with prior to filming the final trailer. Final Prlim Filming For our main assignment, we were asked to produce a theatrical horror trailer which could cover any subgenre of our choice.

We were given guidelines for our trailer for what was to be expected of the final finished product. These guidelines were;
Produce a media portfolio comprising a main and ancillary texts - the main being the horror trailer
Understand the codes and conventions of the horror genre; ways in which to follow and subvert them
To use and understand pre-existing texts - including the use of iconography
Uploading the film to the internet as a means of advertising and networking The Film Trailer We were also given guidelines for our horror trailer itself for what was to be expected of the final finished product. These guidelines included;

The creation of an Extended Horror Trailer - This extended trailer was to be no longer than a typical theatrical film trailer lasting two to three minutes.

To make reference to key pre-existing texts

Have a central target audience

To following a narrative arc - showing the key stages of suspence and safety within the trailer Pre - Production A psychological film was first discussed

A bit too close to preliminary sub genre

Slasher flick "unique killing point"

Compromise: convention buster!

Began to work with the idea of how much we want the audience to know./ a film with a twist.

R.E.M research introduced

Whole film synopsis worked out

What we actually show (trailer)

Rough shot by shot produced

From this point we were making a trailer NOT a film! Slasher film GOD! Wes Craven
Teen Horror

"All The Boys Love Mandy Lane"

Inception/Nightmare on Elm Street (CRAVEN!)

Use of Pastiche - GORE GOD Eli Roth (Cabin Fever) Building Group Foundations We started to organise group members into specific roles to which they were best suited. Organising ourselves like this enabled us to be more effective with our time management and subsequently completing tasks faster.

The roles of members in our group included;
Managing Director - Joseph Shaw
Cinematography - Riyad McCollin
Casting Director - Matthew Cahill
Sound - Riyad McCollin
Motion Editing - Riyad McCollin
Camera Person/People - Erik Husanovic-Majic/Group
Location Manager - Joseph Shaw/Erik Husanovic-Majic
Creative Director - Matthew Cahill
Boomgirl - Amy Short
Actors - Matthew Cahill/Extras REM is comparative to the scientific condition under the same name. It is a common state which many dreamers and good night sleepers experience during the ‘dream state’ in the middle part of any night sleep. Amy Short is leading the research for this important theme and factor which is central to the storyline of the trailer.

With REM, we plan on having a central character that is affected ‘unknowingly’ by their unusual sleep patterns where 3 victims are subject to his/her sleep problem, unknown to the sleeper, that these are his best friends that he is bringing to their demise.
Subject & Theme Iconography & Use of Key Texts Subgenre & Target Audience As a group we decided to intergrate two subgenres in our trailer...
Psycological Slasher By choosing to use two different subgenres in our horror trailer we were already breaking conventions. Each subgenre of horror comes with its own set conventions, and most subgenres allude to a particular target audience.

The "slasher" flick usually targets an audience of around 16-25 year olds, simply because people of that age feature heavily in these films, usually being killed! Also because teen "slasher" flicks often have an element of fun, or rely heavily on elaborate an bloody murders.
"Psychological" horror films normally target a slightly older audience, around the age of 25-40. This demographic have usually seen alot of horror and are maybe slightly bored by or just no really scared by "slasher" flicks anymore. They seek a more mature and intelligent scare.

By bringing these two target audiences together we are opening our trailer up to a bigger market. however this coming together did cause us the problem of striking the perfect balance between the subgenres in order to keep our target audiences happy. Film Synopsis After three classmates of Matthew Cahill’s are mysteriously found dead, everyone is in fear of a serial killer on the loose around Fulham, London. When no motive and no suspects are apparent to police, Matthew Cahill believes he is next. Haunted by the events, sleepless nights and nightmares become a regular occurrence for him. He struggles to understand any of his dreams; he becomes confused over what is reality… until one day he wakes up covered in blood, Matthew finds himself questioning his sanity as the line between worlds quickly becomes blurred... Trailer Synopsis After three classmates of Matthew Cahill’s are mysteriously found dead, everyone is in fear of a serial killer on the loose around Fulham, London. When no motive and no suspects are apparent to police, Matthew Cahill believes he is next. He fears that he is being stalked and followed after countless sleepness nights.

Show a slasher flick but hint at phycological trailer! At first we attempted to create and draw each shot for the storyboard for the opening scenes. Erik was chosen to draw out each shot as one of his skills is drawing, but we then realised the images created were not suitable by not being an accurate potrayal of what was to be shot. From this point on Riyad completed the storyboards with the assistance of the rest of the group, due to his artistic background. These quick sketches allowed the group to create a visual image of what each shot will consist of during the filming process. Storyboards Script Writing What with trailers only being 2-4 minutes long, its fairly hard to write a script for them. However if you can only use 10 words, then you have to make them 10 really powerful words. We were using news reports to open our trailer so these reports were the first things that were scripted. We used formal and quite conventional "news reporter" language for this. Next we needed the main character, Matthew, to have some speech. His speech would have to anchor and support the narrative. Matthew was scared and thought that he would be next, this is very conventional pattern of speech for the slasher flick. The main characters are usually the killers main target, and are usually the last point of call on any good murderers killing spree. Due to the fact that we were hinting at a second sub genre we tried to use a few fairly ambiguos words and phrases just for those eagle eyed viewers. Matthews Magic Moment!!!

Self Aware directors - doing things for "horrorheads"

Vicky Timothy-Allen, Jennifer Chase - cheeky names/slightly accidental

"like something out a low budget horror film" - cheeky news report moment

RedRum written on Matthews Hand in photo scene. Filming Process Overview The news reports we tried to keep as realistic as possible.
Inclusion of news graphics on the report.
Ideas taken from Romeo & Juliet with the beginning news reports and the TV graphic on the conference scene cutaways
Misc-en-scene, stylistic framing and costume of the stereotypical newsreader Montage F*** YEA!
As editor, the montage was mainly down to how I was going to order the shots. My creative eye for these shots allowed me to visualise how they were to look on screen before they were placed in the timeline.

The montage was the most important aspect of our trailer. This is where we alluded to Matthew being either
'The Hunter' or 'The Hunted'

This was done through, drastic angles, awkward camera movement and effective lighting. Artistic ideas from the montage was directly influenced by, Green Day's 'American Idiot' music videos. The documentary stylistic view of Samuel Bayer, having a direct influence from his remake of 'Nightmare on Elm Street'

Another director we looked at was Edward Lynch who directed the critically acclaimed and very abstract and surrealist horror film Eraserheads. We wanted our montage to be almost hard to watch but still engaging at the same time.

The Ring video (US &JAPAN) * Key Trailer Moment*

As Matthew speaks, we see him him looking through photos of him and the victims (REDRUM ON HAND)

The end line of speech "what if its you... or its me" with Matthew on screen


this is a very ambiguous sequence of shots, the dialogue either suggests
the genuine surface meaning: Matthew is scared he is next.
A hint towards the twist: Matthew is the killer
or is a hint at Matthew's suspiscion: the not seen person being spoken to is the killer.

The Intertitle only anchors this triple meaning and supports all 3 ideas in some way. Riyad Matthew Erik Trailer The editing software we intended to use Final Cut Pro in order to get a professional finished product, but in the end opted to use Power Director having more recent experience using the software. This software was also used during the prelim task. Thoughts on the final product? Any improvements? Favourite moment during the project? Skills and knowledge aquired? Would you do it again? Do you have any questions? Amy Joe Trailer
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