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Demeter Prezi

No description

Anya Coscia

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of Demeter Prezi

By: Anya Coscia Demeter Myth Behind Demeter Persephone went father than usual one day
When she was looking at the flowers she noticed a different type of bush
She pulled the bush out of the ground and went back to the flowers
Then the hole started to make noise and then there was a lot of noise coming from the hole
Hades came out of the hole and took Persephone down to hell
Hades didn't want to let Persephone go back to her mother
She ate 6 pomegranate seeds before she went back to her mother
Hades found out and told Zeus so Persephone had to go back to Hades for 6 months
When Demeter was morning she would make it so that nothing would grow on earth
That is how we got to have Spring and Summer In Charge Of Importance to Greek Society She explains how agriculture came about
She also is in charge of agriculture
She made sure that there was enough food for all of the Gods and Goddesses
She made sure that everything was well watered and she made sure that there was enough food for everyone Family Purpose Importance To Us Today She was really important to both Gods/Goddess and Humans
Demeter means "Barley-Mother"
Another name for Demeter is Ceres which is where we get the word "cereal" from
She is the one who made the season summer and spring
She is one of the two most important gods in the everyday lives of people
Demeter is also know as one of the Moon Goddess Other Interesting Facts About Demeter Demeter's Daughter - Persephone Demeter's Mother - Rhea Demeter's Father - Cronus Demeter's Husband - Zeus Demeter is the goddess of
mistress of planting and harvesting things
the prime sustenance of mankind Demeter's purpose was to explain where agriculture came from
She also made sure that everything would have been watered
She was in charge of making sure that everything on earth was green and well taken care of
She also made sure that everything was going to grow properly
She made sure that everything that had to do with agriculture was taken care of She was important to make sure that the food would harvest
She was important for the survival of all humans
She also was important to make sure that there was enough water to make the crops grow
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