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How to maintain your PC

Presentation to TCC Employees on PC maintenance

lucas alexander

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of How to maintain your PC

How To Maintain your PC Health... Did you know...What you know about medicine can help you maintain your computer? Mesomorph (Gaming PC) pediatric (new/er pc) <1yr adult (middle pc) 1-2 yrs geriatirc (old pc) 3yrs+ 2. check in -
gather info about the patient (pc) *Think about the processes involved for a patient office visit... How old is your PC? How is your PC used?
Let's use Body Types to help... Ectomorph (Business PC) Endomorph (Home PC) Where did you get it? Do you have a warranty? (insurance) What type of enviroment? 1. Make an appointment! 3. Assessment (Triage)
What are the vitals? make, model, serial#, hd, ram, os, processor side note: Computer parts can be related to body parts What symptoms are present? What applications do you run?
What data do you have? 4. Treatment side note: if you are not comfortable maintaining your pc...please take it to a professional. Your pc, like us, needs its shots side note: We inoculate our bodies to prevent diseases... We do the same to pc's to prevent malware. 2 ways to inoculate your pc... antivirus software updates care from the inside out update your applications too Hard drive care is key scandisk and defrag side note: scandisk - checks and repairs the file system
defrag - rearranges files in order what is safe to delete? old data files old email 5. Ongoing Care it is recommeded to do updates weekly hard drive maintenance: every two weeks don't forget to clean the pc. followed by a scan 6. Disaster Prevention data backup / recovery extremly important side note: use an online company rather than disks...its better in the long run Strong passwords are a must watch where you go... side note: sometimes a "clean" site online...can be very dirty for the pc also, watch who you talk to...emails can contain links to malware. 7. Safety protect your computer by protecting your family and around the pc Thank you Questions?
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