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A Rose By Any Other Name

The structuring of a constitution is a reflection of the author's intentions and determines the design of government and the role of its citizens.

Anhhaanh Nguyen

on 12 December 2014

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Transcript of A Rose By Any Other Name

A Rose By Any Other Name
By: Lexie Castruita, Anh Nguyen, Evelyn Pham, & Anna Thornsberry
United States
Russia is a Federation, and is a limited government. They adopted thier constitution on December 12, 1993. 58,187,755 citizens participated in the voting of the constitution. Russia's president is Vladimir Putin, and the Prime Minister is Dimitry Medvedev.
Government type: Communist state
Constitution: Latest adopted April 15, 1992, effective January 1, 1995; amended 2001
Government Type:
Constitutional Monarchy and Parliamentary system

Latest amendment to constitution:
Amendment of 2009 (effective January 1st, 2011)

United States: Unit Questions
Is the U.S. Constitution a guarantee?
How does the U.S. constitution impact daily life and the rights of its citizens?
How would someone's life change if they were living under the U.S. Constitution?
Analysis of the Sweden Constitution
Is the Sweden Constitution a guarantee?
How does the Sweden Constitution impact daily life and the rights of its citizens?
How would someone's life change if they were living under the Sweden Constitution?
Analysis of the Russia Constitution
Is the Russia Constitution a guarantee?
How does the Russia Constitution impact daily life and the rights of its citizens?
How would someone's life change if they were living under the Russia Constitution?
Works Cited
Analysis of the Vietnam Constitution
Is the Vietnam Constitution a guarantee?
How would someone's life change if they were living under the Vietnam Constitution?
The principles of government reflected in the Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam are popular sovereignty, federalism, individual rights, separation of powers, republicanism, and communism. Communism ensures that the government has a lot of control. The rest of the principles ensure the people certain liberties and powers. Vietnam's highest government authority, an elected People's Council, acts on behalf of the constitution and cooperates with the ideas presented by the state and local levels. Vietnamese citizens can participate in government by voting.
Government Type:
Federal Republic
was made from May 25 to September 17, 1787, but it was officially signed on September 17, 1787.
Latest amendment to constitution:
Page one of the 27th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, approved in 1992
What principles of government are reflected in the constitution?
How do principles of government influence government?
How do the different levels of government help meet the needs of the citizens?
How do citizens participate in government?
How does the Vietnam Constitution impact daily life and the rights of its citizens?
The principles of government reflected in the Sweden Constitution are popular sovereignty, republicanism, limited government, separation of powers, and individual rights. The government's power is limited by the limited government principle, keeping the citizens safe. Sweden is a unitary state, meaning that this particular country's constitution contains no amount of federalism. Therefore the power is focused solely on one form for the country's power. Citizens may participate in government by voting for their representatives.
The Vietnam Constitution puts a lot of restrictions on the rights of its citizens, such as freedom of association, speech, and the press. These restrictions impact daily life by making the minds of the Vietnamese more cautious. Newspaper and media companies especially have to watch what they say, or they might be punished.
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The Vietnam government doesn't necessarily "act on behalf of the constitution." In fact, they have been called out by the U.S. State Department for seriously abusing human rights. The government officially provides for freedom of religion, but supervises the clergies of the sanctioned groups in the interest of "national unity." As a result, the Vietnam Constitution is not a secure guarantee for the people.
For one thing, they would not be allowed to express their ideas freely, as the Vietnam Constitution restricts freedom of speech. They especially have to watch what they say about the government. Basically, they would not have as much freedoms and will often feel repressed of their liberties.
Yes, the U.S. Constitution is a guarantee to us, because we see our given rights in action everyday, with people of different religions and many opinions being expressed.
The U.S. Constitution impacts the daily life of U.S. citizens in many ways. For example, if we did not have freedom of speech, we would not have the right to speak our minds, but because we do have this magnificent Constitution, therefore, we can speak our minds, and worship whoever we choose, and do so many things that some people can't.
The following principles are reflected in the U.S. Constitution:
Popular sovereignty
Checks and balances
Separation of powers
Limited government
Individual rights
Principles of government provide an efficient plan of organization and management for the government to follow. Popular sovereignty, republicanism, limited government, and individual rights all give power and representation to the people's thoughts and ideas. Federalism and separation of powers distributes power evenly, and checks and balances ensures control of power among the three branches.
The different levels of government in the U.S. are federal, state, and local.
The federal level
provides for the defense of our country and makes our laws for us. They also regulate our economy and fight crime for us with the FBI.
The state level
enforces criminal and education laws, health regulations, highway construction, and more for an individual state.
The local level
is responsible for the maintenance of schools, cultural facilities, shelters, and environmental protection for an individual city.
American citizens can participate in government in many ways. They can vote for representatives in national, state, and local elections, and can even run for office. They can also petition and serve in the military.
Russia has many similar principles of government with the United States. Some examples are individual rights and federalism. Russia's principles of government are like guidelines for the way to run the country. Russia's different levels of government make it easier for citizens to approach them with their needs. Russian citizens can vote for which political leaders they feel will best help their country.
Yes, it's meant to guarantee the rights of it's citizens. Some, however, may argue that Russia does not follow the guidelines placed in the constitution.
It gives them rights and responsibilities that if they did not have otherwise, would make everyday life more difficult and unpleasant.
Russia's constitution is very similar to America's in many ways, so if someone were to live under the Russia Constitution, they would also have many rights and liberties.
Comparison of Constitutions
United States
Right to bear arms
Limited government
Freedom of assembly
Freedom of speech
Freedom of press
Right to petition
Individual rights
Popular sovereignty
Separation of powers
Freedom of religion
Bill of rights
Right to trial by jury
If someone lived under the U.S. Constitution, they would have many individual rights and liberties guaranteed to them than most countries. They could easily voice their opinion on the President and worship freely.
The constitution is able to protect each individual Swedish citizen and also limits the government from doing unlawful and unconstitutional acts in order to guarantee the citizens' safety from any form of abuse of power.
Checks and balances
7 articles
147 articles
137 articles
152 articles
Constitutional monarchy and parliamentary system
Federal republic
The Purpose of a Constitution
The Constitution provides a framework for the federal government and protects citizen's rights. It establishes law and order among the people and ensures domestic tranquility.
Constitution and its Author's Intentions
The author's intention for writing a Constitution is usually to establish order and peace among the people. For example, the Framers of the U.S. Constitution wrote the Constitution to bring order and justice to the country after Shays' Rebellion.
Just like the the U. S. constitution, the Sweden Constitution guarantees the rights and liberties of each Swedish individual. If an American citizen toured over to Sweden, he/she would not find much difference living under the Sweden Constitution.
Yes; the Sweden's Constitution guarantees the claimed rights of its citizens because its citizens can be seen displaying them safely.
"Tickling Punishment"
(Cruel or Unusual Punishment)
Anna Thornsbery...................................................Narrator
Lexie Castruita....................Anhalyn Nguyenphaberry
Evelyn Pham......................................................Defendant
Anh Nguyen...................................................Judge Jaebae
"A Russian Love Drama"
(Separation of Powers)
Anh Nguyen..........................Narrator & Russian Police
Evelyn Pham.....................................................Male Lover
Anna Thornsberry......................................Female Lover
"Pancake Sunday"
Anna Thornsberry.................................................Narrator
Anh Nguyen.......................................Vietnam President
Lexie Castruita & Evelyn Pham........................Strikers
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