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Philosophic enquiry and Arnold

Helen Hope

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of PRE-LECTURE PREZI FOR 1/10/2013

SPRT 2010
What is Arnold going on about?

Arnold, P.J. (1979) Meaning in Movement, Sport & Physical Education, London: Heinemann
Bailey, R. (2006) Academic review on the Educational values of Physical Education and Sport. BERA PESP SIG
Green, K. & Hardman, K. (2004) Physical Education: Essential Issues. [e-book]. London, SAGE Publications. Available from:<http://lib.myilibrary.com?ID=36888
Mechikoff, R. & Estes, S. (2006) A History and Philosophy of Sport and Physical Education (4th Ed.). NY: McGraw-Hill.
Parry, J. (1998)”The Justification of Physical Education” in Green, K. & Hardman, K. (eds) Physical Education reader. Aachen, Meyer & Meyer Sport.
Peters, R.S. (1966) Ethics in Education. London, Alleyn and Unwin
Are these good examples of through movement in PE?
In summary!
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