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sarah randolph

on 21 February 2017

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Transcript of uniformitarianism-

James hutton-famous for geology as true science formulating the theory of earth.
beds-a single layer in sedimentary rock
uniformitarianism-the doctrine sugessting the earth geological process acted in the same way
examples are volcanism and erosion
He observed the change of soil on his farmland
strata-is a layer sed. rock is same but different throughout.
sedimentary rock layers-a thin veneer over a crust mainly of ingenous and metamorphic
bedding plane-marks one deposition and the begging of different character
graded bedding-takes form of normal grading with coarser sediments and then goes to finer ones
cross beds-are inclined layers
ripple marks-show aggression from water or wind
3 types of uniformity
1.noncormity-layers were not tilted before erored.
2.angular unconformity tilted layers of sed rock
3.disconformity-erosion of the sed rocks
intrusion-it cracks
absolute age-true age of a rock
varve count-deposit of rock in water
isotope-one or more atoms that have the same number
radioactive isotope-is natural or chemically created with chemicals
radiometric dating
to date rocks or carbon
parent isotope-forms a daughter
a daughter isotope-a decay product
half life-split in half
carbon 14
potassium 40
lutetium 176 are some
to for radiometric dating
fossil -any evidence from the geological life that is mineralization.
The fossil record provides information and clues about the geologic history of the Earth. Research and give two
examples of environmental changes in Earth’s past. The fossil record is huge collection of fossils that the document the history of life on earth.Extinct means that all of the members of spices of the group died off.everything we known about the dinosaurs came from the fossil record.they use it museums and other places.They go by there color,shape,and size and even certain behaviors,like predation,can be learned study of their fossils.
Mummification - is a process which the skin and flesh corapse can be persrved.it can happen nauturally or on purpose,if it occurs nuaturally the result is it is cold.Example:could be found in glacier,or in bog.
Amber -is a fossil that is yellow,orange,red or brown in hue.
Tar Seeps -cracks in the earth between rocks
Freezing -when a liquid turns into a solid form when its cold
Petrification -when planet material is buried by sediment and protected from decay by oxygen and organisms
Carbon films -preserved animals or plants that once was alive

mold-it can leave and impression of exterior of the rocks
cast-an animal buriedwith minerals
coporlites-fossilized feces undergone the fossil process
gastroliths -when animals swallow small rocks and they dont go out
trace fossil-there are marks left by animals when they walk
3 Requirements
Widespread geographically
Occur in large numbers
Short time span geological span

index fossil
Ammonites lived between 180 million and 206 million years ago. So any rock layers that contain ammonites prove that the rock layer is 180-260 million years old Give two examples of other index fossils and when did they live?the mesozoic era died of in k-t error
law of cross cutting relationships-states the ignoeus rocks is always younger
a. carbon-14 dating (radiocarbon dating) - is a method for determining the age of an object containing organic material.
paleontology - study of fossils and other perceived things
this shows that amber fossil
in this video theres cracks in the road
in this video hes discovering a trace fossil
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