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New Teacher PLC

No description

Chris Koder

on 12 August 2013

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Transcript of New Teacher PLC

Lets Get Real!

We will now have a Mock PLC with the people at your table
Chris Koder - District Instructional Specialist Science 5-8
Ice Breaker
Purpose / Objective
Team Building
Preliminary PLC Discussions
PLC video clips
Collaborative experiences
Best Practices

3 Non Negotiables
* Student learning will improve.

* We will improve through quality professional development.

*We will learn in high performing collaborative teams.

Purpose / Objective
How Do You Stack Up?
Take 4 minutes to see how your table stacks up! Find out about your table mates
Find a partner in the room who is not at your table...
Discuss what you think a PLC is...
Come back to your table and share your findings.

Anna Hendrick -Foreign Language Department Chair, French, 9th grade.
Becky Adams - ELA teacher, Allen High School
Gain an understanding of the purpose of Professional Learning Communities and the role they play in Allen ISD, so you can become a vital member of a PLC in your school.
Find the box of materials at your table. We will discuss the box shortly.
So How Do We Become a Great Team?
Always have an open mind

Bring Fresh Ideas

Ensure that everyone on your team is valued

Clip 1-4 Becky
What is a team? What is collaboration?

The Stunning Straw Structure
1. Build a useful structure
2. Tape and straws
3. Word descriptors

Which word descriptors did you use for your team's collaborative process? (Collaboration clip)

Would you use the same word descriptors for the collaborative team in the clip?
Our Collaborative Experiences
Meet weekly
Common assessments
Rotating facilitator
Focus on instructional strengths
Focus on circle of control
Remain vulnerable
Remain teachable
Critical Puzzle
Find the bag of cards on your table.

Spend a few moments with your table mates putting the cards in order.
Cultural Shifts
Four Fundamental Questions(clip)
1. What do students need to know and be able to do?
2. How will we know when they have learned it?
3. What will we do when they haven't learned it?
4. What will we do when they already know it?
-Four Fundamental Questions Bookmark

Four Question Analogy
How To Milk A Cow

1. What do students need to know?
- where the milk comes from
-how to get the milk out
-where milk doesn't come from
-how to approach the cow
-when to stop

2. How will we know when they have learned it?
-milk will come out
-the cow won't kill them

3. What will we do when they haven't learned it?
-find a new way to show the process

4. What will we do when they already know it?
-show them how to milk a goat
Cultural Shift
How would the Four Questions improve instruction and learning?
How would the Four Questions change the culture of how we do business on our campus and in our classrooms?
Think, Pair, Share
Cultural Shift/Reflection Video
So now that we are gaining an
understanding of what a PLC is...

What items should you bring with
you to a PLC?

Throw out some ideas...

But what if your team stuggles...
A Great Way to Overcome Team Struggles is to Develop a List of Norms
Spend some time with your group developing a list of norms that you feel every team should abide by. We will share out with the group after a few minutes
MilkyWay: Tell your favorite book or movie

Milky Way Dark: Tell your favorite vacation spot

3 musketeers: Tell what your first job was
Twizzlers: Favorite High School or College Memory

Twix: Favorite song or favorite band/singer

Snickers: Tell us something we would have never guessed about you
Notice that this
process is

ollaboration on
esources and
ransforms &
hild &
What is a PLC?
What does collaboration look like?
What are the benefits to the kids?
What does focus on results mean in the context of a PLC?
What cultural shifts are necessary?
Isolation collaboration

Provide opportunity to learn ensure learning

Teacher centered student centered

Keeping ideas/experiences sharing

Administration provides time, opportunity, and resources to make all of this happen
What needs to be valued and in place for this type of collaboration to exist?
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