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Photo & pedagogy

No description

lourdel nathalie

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of Photo & pedagogy

Photo & pedagogy
Photo &
why ?
Using photo : a dynamic way to present each other
How ?
Begin a training :
Ask the participants to choose a photo to speak about themselves ? their job ?
Goal ?
Facilitating the expression
Using concrete element to stimulate discussions

Improving communication :
Participation, interaction

Listening to each other
Enhancing comprehension
Exchanging point of view
Making comparison of different analysis
Understanding diversity, differences
Increasing awareness
Listening to each other,
Being open minded

Goal ?
Using photos to facilitate the expression of different points of view :
new ideas, analysis of complexity

Photo-interpretation and complexity :

1. Choose a selection of photos that express the main ideas of your suject

2. Ask people to pick a photo that evoke for them the theme : here Biodiversity

3. Let them analyse the photo (5 minutes)
making expression easier
Analysis of complexity : consequences, origin, link...
Macroscopic point of view : usefulness of biodiversity
4. Ask someone : Comment your photo
Why did you choose it?

After the explanations, ask all participants for their own point of view on that same photo

carry on with all your participants
(1h30-2h for 15 people)
Why using PHOTOS in pedagogy?
Photo and creativity
Collective construction : Explore together
Let's explore
Photo & collective construction
Photo & expression
Photo & creativity
Let's explore together !
Using photo as a pedagogic tool
One photo : different points of view
Biodiversity ?
Tasty ?
Pop corn?
Disparition of species?
example: Biodiversity
Favorise discussion about a landplanning projet
Example : consultation for AGENDA 21
Why ?
How ?
Make a selection of photos that represent the mean stake for the collectivity
Ask each one to choose a photo that represents the evolution he/she wants to see in his/her town
How ?
This approach helps people with very different backgrounds to work together :
citizens, elected and governement officials, NGo's representatives, technician...
Goal ?
Using photos : to improve collective construction on a project
Discussion with concrete image helps : consensus, negotiation, expression of all the points of view, focusing on improvement (no opposition)...
Why ?
Photo could improve creativity
I give photos to help groups :
to create together
to explore a different way for representing a subject
Example After a training in pedagogy ask a group of 3 to create a poster that represents the key point of the training :
How to be a good teacher ?
How ?
Goal :
They have 30 min to create it and after that 5 min to present their work to the other participants
Make a summary of the main point
Encourage creativity
Improve memorization (visual, kinesthetic..)

You want to use photo in your training ?
First key :
Don't worry about the images you select :
Use magazines to have a lot of different images
about 40 images for a group of 15
use also metaphoric images

images that stimulate creativity

uncommon images

advertising could be used : Just avoid text

Or print photos from internet
Sometime participants have a lot of ideas :
Second Key :
Give them time (1h30 at least)

And tools (images, pens, adhesive tape...)
Last key :
Be ready to get surprised
Fun time
Created by Nathalie LOURDEL
Nathalie LOURDEL
2005 PhD : Pedagogy and sustainability

2005 Creation of a compagny : AUTREMEN (coaching and pedagogic training)

2015 MBC : Master of Business Coaching

I do training for teachers
Or use prézi
Why work with me?
10 years of experience in pedagogy
I created a lot of alternative pedagogic methods
I coach French government about pedagogy
I love to co-create new tools
I am a photographer
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