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Intro to Wellness (student version)

No description

on 13 September 2016

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Transcript of Intro to Wellness (student version)

Wellness: the new health goal
What is wellness?
Go to: https://answergarden.ch/328999

Submit words that represent what wellness means to you, personally.

Watch us grow a word garden together!
Health vs. Wellness
Health: the overall condition of a person's body or mind; refers to the presence or absence of illness or injury
Wellness: refers to optimal health and vitality; living life to its fullest.
Dimensions of Wellness
1. Physical
2. Emotional
3. Intellectual
4. Interpersonal
5. Spiritual
6. Environmental
Qualities and Behaviours Associated with the Dimensions
Health is influenced by factors beyond
your control (i.e. genes, age, health care system).
Example: 60 year-old man with family history of prostate cancer, living in rural Northwest territories.
Wellness is largely determined by decisions you make about how you live.
Example: the same 60 year-old man can reduce his risk of cancer by eating sensibly, exercising, having screening tests, etc.
Let's brainstorm!
Wellness is an active process through
which people become aware of, and make choices toward, a more successful existence.
- National Wellness Institute
Download "Socrative Student" on you Smartphone, or go to m.socrative.com
Room #917367
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