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The Telephone's Impact on Society

No description

Sierra van Wijk

on 31 May 2017

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Transcript of The Telephone's Impact on Society

The Telephone's Impact on Society
The Creator
The creator of the telephone was Alexander Graham Bell
The idea came from a misinterpretation of a book written in German by German scientist Hermann von Helmholtz called
"On the Sensations of Tone"
Bell thought Helmholtz had found a way to send words over telegraph wires, which wasn't true.
The First Call
Bell and his assistant Thomas A. Watson finally succeeded in creating a successful telephone on
March 10th, 1876

Bell spilled sulfric acid on himself and as a reflex he called for Watson saying:
“Mr. Watson! Come here. I want you.”

Watson realized that he had heard Bell through the telephone
Bell filed his patent for the telephone on
February 14th, 1876
Selling the Telephone
The telephone was first introduced to
the public at the
1876 Centennial Exposition
in Philadelphia
Scientists were shocked
Some thought it was a trick being played on them while others even believed it was witchcraft
The telephone was first reported on the news in
February 1877
July 9th, 1877
the Bell Telephone Company was created

At the time, the world was in need of a new form
of communication
Before the telephone there were very few ways to communicate with someone such as mail and the telegraph
was unreliable, slow, and many messages didn’t get to where they were meant to go
were a big jump in the communication industry it was transmitted through wires, which later became a big problem because the country had became
over wired
over the years
The telephone fixing many problems that had
taken over

Image by goodtextures: http://fav.me/d2he3r8
Further Expansion
By 1878,
Bell Telephones had been leased by phone subscribers
In 1882, Bell Telephone Company took over their competitor, Western Electric, letting the company now
manufacture its own product
In 1885, the company became so big that it had to make a subsidiary,
, which is still known nationwide today
Alexander Graham Bell
A Poster for the 1876 Centennial Exposition
Advancements and Their Effects
- dial tones were introduced
Dial tones introduced phone numbers
- transatlantic telephone service is used using two-wave
-Paris gained access in
-Japan in
-Worldwide in
- AT&T was the first to publicly show television
2 years later
color television
- first mobile phone is introduced in cars
- long-distance calls were introduced
- the first transatlantic telephone cable was laid
- two years later the transpacific cable was laid
August of 1960
- the passive communication
satellite ECHO I was launched into
Bell's drawing of the first telephone from his
Logo for the Bell Telephone Company
In conclusion, the telephone's impact on society has been successful in improving and increasing communications worldwide
By Sierra van Wijk
Thomas A. Watson
This is what the 1876 Centennial Exposition looked like
Evolution of the Logo
AT&T's first logo
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