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8th Grade PCCR Orion Junior High

No description

Nick Harris

on 27 January 2017

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Transcript of 8th Grade PCCR Orion Junior High

8th Grade PCCR Orion Junior High
What do you need to know about 9th grade?
Planning your future:
If you are a first generation college student please let us know
Maximizing your Education
Paying for $chool:
FAFSA 4Caster
Regent Scholarship
New Century
College Index Score
College Index Score
How are you doing this year?
Your grades? Helpful resources.
Test scores? (SAGE & Explore)
Career interests ?
Goals? (short & long term)
Math path?
Registration for 9th grade
Your concerns & questions.
Things you will be discussing with your counselor:
You will have to make it up:
Summer School
APEX (online classes)
Northridge Learning Center
Some other provider

For students taking Seminary (Release Time), you don't have room in your schedule to fail any classes
If you fail a class...
Credits needed to graduate:
Students need
credit hours for graduation, but they will get
credit opportunities.
1. OJH Website - calendar
2. Blog - http://blog.wsd.net/orioncounseling/
3. Monthly Newsletter - (sent in the mail)
4. Counseling office phone number -
5. Counselor emails (found on blog)

6. WHS Counseling website.
7. University/college websites

Staying in touch:

Mr. Deamer -
A - H

Ms. Call -
I - N

Ms. Burton - O
- Z
Who is your school counselor?
Honors Classes
Concurrent Enrollment
Advanced Placement Classes
Weber Online
Shmoop (ACT prep)
Attending the Applied Technology College while in high school
(free tuition)
Combine skills and education.
Utah Futures
Registration Form
WSD Magnet Programs
Project Lead the Way (CE) -
Weber Innovations
Fashion Merchandising (CE) -

Roy High
Advanced Health Science (CE) -
Fremont & Bonneville
Criminal Justice (CE) -

Bonneville High

Medical Forensics/CSI -
Weber High

Designer Sewing/Clothing II -

Weber Innovaions
Sports Sewing -

Weber Innovations
Exploring Teaching (CE) -

West Haven Elem
Intro to Physical Therapy
- Weber Innovations
Credit Requirements:
7+8+8+8 = 31 credit opportunities
Freshman Year:
1. English 9 (1.0)
2. Math (1.0)
3. Geography (.5)
or AP Geography (1.0)
4. Earth Systems or Physics (1.0)
Sophomore Year:
1. English 10 (1.0)
2. World Civilization (1.0)
3. Science (1.0)

4. Math (1.0)
5. Fit for Life (.5)
Health (.5)
6. ____________
7. ____________
8. ____________
Four Year Plan
Junior Year:
1. English 11 (1.0)
2. U.S. History (1.0)
3. Science (1.0)
4. Math (1.0)
5. __________
6. __________
7. __________
8. __________
Four Year Plan
Senior Year:
1. English 12 / Elective (1.0)
2. U.S. Government (.5)
3. Financial Literacy (.5)
4. _____________
5. _____________
6. _____________
7. _____________
8. _____________
Four Year Plan
First year
Second year
Third year
Fourth Year

Titan Time:
35 minutes to:
Work on homework
Go and get help from a teacher
Attend an enrichment lesson
(this occurs after 6th period).
Math Tutoring:
7:00-7:30am T&TH room 105, Miss Johnson.
Ask for additional help if needed.
Teachers are usually available until 3:15pm, if you are struggling with a class speak up!
OJH Career Center:
is through Library Catalogue
High School Graduation Requirements
English..........................4 credits
Math.............................3 credits
Science..........................3 credits
Social Studies.................3 credits
Fine Arts......................1.5 credits
Health........................(.5) credits
Health Lifestyles (PE)....1.0 credits
fit-4-life...................... (.5) credits
CTE.............................1.0 credits
Computer Tech............ (.5) credits
Finacial Literacy.......... (.5) credits

Total = 27 credits
Please help us imporve PCCR's by filling out a quick survey!
9th grade counts towards graduation!
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