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No description

Julia Sirvinskas

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of THEODORA

-Wife of Justinian I
-Crowned Emperor of Byzantine Empire in 527 A.D.
-Had a lot of influence on husband's decisions
-Born in Crete, or possibly Syria
Theodora as Empress of Byzantine Empire
Nika Riots

Theodora's Father
Aided Justinian in reforming Constantinople
Instituted Public Works Projects
Worked to increase women's rights
Passed laws that prohibited forced prostitution and closed brothels
Created a convent where ex-prostitutes could support themselves
Expanded the rights of women in divorce and property ownership
Instituted the death penalty for rape
Forbade the death penalty for adulterous women
-Her father was a bear trainer
-He worked at the Hippodrome
Father's Impact on Theodora
-Theodora worked as a prostitute, then a mime, and later, an actress
-Actresses at the time would provide "indecent exposure on stage" & sexual services off stage
-Lived in a brothel
-She had very dramatic, exaggerated performances
-She was remembered for her wild parties
Because Justinian could not control the riots, he prepared to flee
Theodora gave an influential speech which convinced everyone to hold on to the empire
This led to Justinian to order his troops to kill many rebels
He never forgot that Theodora saved his throne
THank you
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