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Julius Ceasar Sociogram

No description

Takeyia Blount

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of Julius Ceasar Sociogram

Julius Caesar Sociogram
Julius Ceasar
Mark Antony
Julius Ceasar has taken control of Rome after the war between him and powerful former leader, Pompey. Though the plebians adore him, however, many powerful figures strongly disfavor him agreeing that one sole man shouldn't have complete control, and Rome should continue to be a republic. Ceasar gets decieved by these conspirators, some of the being close to him, and is murdered. This is the conspiracy of the tragedy of Julius Ceasar.
Formally one of Ceasar's confidants, he was later dragged into the conspiracy to kill ceasar. He is considered "The Noblest of them all."
Caesar and Brutus were childhood friends. At first he and Brutus were close friends, but Cassius convinced Brutus that Caesar may not be a good ruler for the people by informing him of his weaknesses and placing forged letters into his home.
Cassius was one of Caesar's advisers. He convinced Brutus to have some distrust in Caesar and planned the conspiracy. In one scene, he told Brutus of his weaknesses, revealing his despite of Caesar He planted forged letters from the "citizens" in Brutus's house saying that they were worried Caesar was gaining to much power.
One of the main conspirators of Caesar's death
Cassius was an associate of Caesar, though Caesar didn't trust him, something he admitted to Mark Antony before his death. Cassius fought alongside Caesar in the war against Pompey, so he knew of his weaknesses and admitted them to Brutus.
Caesar and Brutus
Cassius and Caesar
Also opposed to Caesar's rule, he informed Brutus and Cassius that Caesar had fell into a seizure of sorts at his ceromony, confirming Cassius's statements about Caesar's health.
Flavius and Murrelus
Flavius and Murrellus were tribunes who mocked the crowd in the opening scene for cheering for Caesar.

Member of the conspiracy.Told Caesar that Calpurnia misinterpreted her dreams. Led him to the Conspirators.
Caesar's wife. On the day of the murder, she triedd to convince Caesar no to go to his assembly by telling him about her dream in which he was portrayed as being murdered.
Brutus's wife.When the murder was being set up, she knew something was bothering her and asked brutus to confide in her. Killed herself when Octavius rose to power.
Caesar's adopted son and heir, apart of the Second Triumvirate. Rose to power after the war between the Second Triumvirate and the conspirators.
The story's tragic hero.
Loyal freind of caesar. Falsely alleged alliance with Brutus after Caesar's death, then at his funereal, turned the townspeople against Brutus and Cassius and started a riot running them out of town
Second Triumvirate
Third member of the Second Triumvirate. Isn't as much trusted by Antony as by Octavius.
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