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Change of Lifetime

No description

Darinka Burovska

on 6 July 2016

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Transcript of Change of Lifetime

It's time for the CHANGE of a Lifetime
Feel Good- Look Good - Be Better
Thank you!
Working hard for your boss, why now work hard for yourself?

Brainster for Personal Sport Trainers
Value Preposition
We connect local sport instructors to people to
help them in the commitment to make the CHange
of a lifetime- to became happier and healthier


Design and build user-friendly and simple online platform- marketplace (or use existing one)

Research how to motivate people to exercise

Create viral marketing campaign to attract people and change their life

Connect to influential fitness houses and prominent fitness and sports instructors

Connect to sport shops

Connect to healthy food restaurants

The problem
The solution
You want to became the next half-marathon super-star?
Or you just want to get your summer body?
Or maybe just want to feel great and be healthy?

We change lives
fitness and diet experts

Other resources:


Publish a training session
Add/Edit details about your sport/discipline or session
Track customers
Preview ratings/comments

Innovation Potential: (-1, 0, 1, 2)
-Originality: 1.5
-Market: 2
-Technical Feasibility: 2
-Simplicity: 2
-Process Feasibility: 1.5
-Revenue Potential: 1.5

Revenue Model
Commission from every session booked

Marketing for sport shops, sport clubs, sport companies, healthy food shops and restaurants
Marketing for sport events, organizations, marathons, extreme sports, etc.
The 2 customer segments

Instructors/ Trainers/Coaches

experts in some sport/discipline.


People who want to train some sport, people who want a new lifestyle

To change the
of every person- to motivate everyone to become
happier and healthier
, by providing unique sport experience
Our vision
How we work
Instructors create their class/training session
Trainees search from the offered classes/training session or request a personalized one
Purchase of class tickets is carried online where trainees pay the amount
Instructor and trainees meet and take the class/training session

Excuses, Excuses
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