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LLED 350 - Visual Literacy

No description

Alicy Wong

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of LLED 350 - Visual Literacy

More than meets the eye Visual Literacy Literacy as... Spiritual literacy emphasis that transformation and understanding is visible when there is self-understanding and insight in relationship to the others (Binder 2011). It allows for open practice of religion, classroom rituals and enables children to ask “bigger questions” (Binder 2011). O’Neil (2011) notes that, images are similar to written text, because they have specific composition guidelines (i.e. “Visual grammar”). Making sense of the world... Develop film My journey as a photographer... Big and.... ... small Being visually literate is... Creating meaning Understanding Culturally specific elements Examples of Visual Literacy in action... Picture books Photographs Postcards Visual Organizers Back lit Rule of thirds Noise Love, Alice =] But sometimes, when you can see things other people can't.. Competency in Visual Literacy
allows me to ... Photography! Videos Visual Literacy can also show... Representation Perspectives Emotions I actually use Lighroom... A big milestone... And my photos don't get edited until months later... Documenting Empowering japan Postcard Project And use my skills for good causes... Family portraits And many more to come! Literacy as defined by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), is “a fundamental human right and the foundation for lifelong learning” (UNESCO n.d.). It is "essential to social and human development” and allows its citizens for social and political participation Visual Literacy is a type of multiliteracy that involves an active critical literacy process that creates meaning of different medium (Masny 2012). This refers to the idea that “use of visual cues and use of symbols” (Avegerinou & Ericson 1997). 2) Human Right 3) Visual Literacy 1) Spiritual Literacy Using Visual grammar Creating atmosphere with lines, colors and shapes Text to image Connections Images Understand visual organizers More importantly, it allows me to excel in... Understand more than the arrangement of shapes and lines of the image... Express myself creatively Photography course in High school... Use the darkroom Learning the basics Primes Depth of Field F-Stop Practice, practice, practice Feedback from friends and family... Criticism Encouragement Learning to post process photographs... And assisting young learners to convey love, hope and courage in their postcards Restaurant Reviews Documenting milestones Photographer are... Geek Nerds Techie Hipster Travel Photography Google images
www.tumlr.com References Avgerinou, M., Ericson, J. (1997). A review of the concept of visual literacy. British Journal of Educational Technology, 28 (4), 280-291

Binder, M. (2011). "I Saw the Universe and I Saw the World": Exploring Spiritual Literacy with Young Children in a Primary Classroom. International Journal of Children's Spirituality, 16(1), 19-35

O’Neil. (2011). Reading pictures: developing visual literacy for greater comprehension. The Reading Teacher, 65(3), 214-223

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Orgnaization. (n.d). Retrieved from: http://www.unesco.org/new/en/education/themes/education-building-blocks/literacy/ Words Images
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