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No description

Raul Engelke

on 29 June 2011

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Transcript of Upminster

Upminster Upminster is located in north east of greater London and rises to about 200 feet above see level. Upminster is a small town in Greater London, which was first recorded in 1062. This is the Upminster windmill, which was build in 1968. It is a listed building.

and can hold 300 people.It is like a emblem for Upminster. A listed building in the United Kingdom is a building that has been placed on the a List which have Special Architectur or Historic Interest. and my host family My host family lifes at Holly Drive 6 My host family I stayed there with my roommate Jonas My host familie have 4 kids and a dog called Mika. We stayed at an great house and had an own room In the morning we were brought to school by car and we came back by bus, wich takes about an hour. The food was better than I expected and our host familie was very kind. My trips My first trip was with my familie to Lakeside. Lakeside is a big shopping moll, which is pretty nice. At the first weekend our class went to London and we saw all the big sights. For example Saint Pauls cathedral We also saw the Tower bridge and visited the Tower of London At tuesday Jonas and me did the trip through Upminster with Miss Rahn, which was pretty funny. On thursday our class went first to Trafalgar Square and China town. Later on we visited Prince of Wales theatre, which was close to the Piccadilly Circus. There we saw the musical "Mama Mia", which was very extiting. London Eye, which we visited also on thursday. Thank you... for listening to my presentation by Raul Engelke by Raul Engelke On Sunday we visited Greenwich.
We saw the 0 meridian and visited the Greenwich market. Later on we crossed the Millenium bridge
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