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The Impact of the Environment on Our Generation

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Caroline Blackmore

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of The Impact of the Environment on Our Generation

The Impact of the Environment on Our Generation
The Industrial Revolution
Late 1700's
The First Research Concerning Climate Change
1822 and 1837
Jean-Baptiste Joeseph Fourier published his findings of heat convection in 1822. He had found that the atmosphere acts like the roof of a hothouse, which lead to the phrase "greenhouse gas."
Yosemite Valley Preserved
Abraham Lincoln granted the State of California Yosemite Valley.
The Roosevelt Administration
By 1909 there were 42 million acres of land dedicated to national forests, 53 wildlife refugees, and 18 monuments.
Bhopal, India
Was an oil leak of methyl isocyanate (MIC) in Bhopal, India at Union Carbide
One of the worst industrial accidents in history
At least 3,000 people died from just the exposure to the gas.
Many years later, about 20,000 others died from the damage of the disaster.
Ones who survived suffer anywhere from blindness to extremely short breath.
The gas leak also absorbed into the soil around the factory and contaminated the infiltrated water continuing to poison the area.
Union Carbide, the company, claims they have no responsibilities due to the gas leak.
Founded by a small team of activists

Definition: The period of time during which work began to be done more by machines in factories than by hand at home
Population growth
Pollution and overcrowding
Use of hydrocarbon fuels
Negative effects on the environment and the human population
On July 24th, 1837, Louis Agassiz proved that there was indeed climate change and that Europe had once been covered in a sheet of ice.
Many other parks followed, and eventually the U.S. National Parks Service was created in 1916.
Main goal:
protect the natural world
The Invention of Hydroelectric Power
Many mines needed steam engines but couldn't run without exhaustible amounts of wood, coal, and other non-renewable resources.
New methods were created for transmitting electricity long distances.
Lester Allan Pelton created and patented the first modern water wheel in 1880.
Hydroelectric power came into widespread use because areas near the water source were no longer the only ones receiving the electricity.
The map above shows the amount of electricity produced by hydroelectric dams in each of the nations of the world. The United States leads the world in hydroelectric dams, mostly due to its high level of technology and plentiful supply of rivers. Canada, Brazil, and China also produce a large amount of hydroelectricity. Africa and Southeast Asia are not able to produce much hydroelectricity, likely due to a lack of money and technology. Hydroelectricity is ultimately derived from solar energy, by evaporating surface water and returning it to higher elevations as rain and snowfall.
Credit: Earth Forum, Houston Museum of Natural Science; Data from the World Resources Institute
The Green Party
Goal: Create practical solutions to real world problems
They also want to bring a "green" presence to politics.
• Goal: restore oceans to original condition and to cut down on sea food production
• Most damage is done by human activity such as hazardous dumping
January 2002
Goal: restore forest life and to allow communities to come to former glory
• Engages kids in community service
• Groups made up of kids and adults
The Future...
Solar Energy
The creation of solar energy began
because the amount of fossil fuels
being used was very excessive.
Also, it became very expensive to use fossil fuels.
In 1839, a French man named Alexandre Edmond Becquerel developed the first photovoltaic cell at the age of 19.
Wind Power
We were using too many of our nonrenewable resources, and it was becoming too expensive.
In 1887, Professor James Blyth created the first windmill that was used for wind power.

Close to 20 percent of the Amazon Rainforest has been cut down since 1974.

More land was needed for housing, farming and ranching.
Loss of species, higher carbon emissions, soil erosion and poor water quality.
All of these areas were protected by president Theodore Roosevelt.
Knowledge of the Effects of Pollution Became Known In the United Sates in the 1860's
Americans were worried that their supply of natural resources was running low, especially wood.
The "Conservation Movement" was created.
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