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Sharon M. Draper

Baer 2/3 Author Study

Ian Farmer

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Sharon M. Draper

Sharon M. Draper Childhood Sharon Draper was born on April 11, 1952 in Cleveland, Ohio. Her parents are Catherine and Victor Mills. Sharon has one younger brother and sister A Young Bookworm Even as a kid Sharon loved to read and write. She spent a lot of her time at the school library. A Successful Teacher Was a teacher from from 1970-1997
Teaching awards-
Ohio's Outstanding High School Language Arts Educator, Ohio Teacher of the Year,NCNW Excellence in Teaching Award
Sharon wrote over summer break
Students started to read her books Writing Career Has written more than twenty books including:
Out of My Mind, Battle of Jericho, November Blues, Just Another Hero, Tears of a Tiger, Darkness Before Dawn, Forged by Fire, Copper Sun, Romiette and Julio, Double Dutch, We Beat the Street, Fire from the Rock, Sassy, Little Sister is Not my Name, The Birthday Storm, The Silver Secret, The Buried Bones Mystery, Lost in the Tunnel of Time, Shadows of Caesar's Creek, The Space Camp Adventure, The Backyard Animal Show, Stars and Sparks on Stage, Not Quite Burned Out
But Crispy Around the Edges,
Teaching from the Heart, Sharon M. Draper: Embracing Literacy, Buttered Bones, and Let the Circle Be Unbroken Writing Awards Sharon Draper has is a five-time winner of the Coretta Scott King Literary Award, and is a New York Times bestselling author. Other Awards Sharon is a winner of the Duncanson Artist-in-Residence for the Taft Museum, YWCA Career Woman of Achievement, a recipient of the Dean's Award from Howard University School of Education, Pepperdine University Distinguished Alumnus Award and many more Bibliography http://sharondraper.com/formal-biography.asp http://sharondraper.com/books.asp http://sharondraper.com/
http://authors.simonandschuster.com/Sharon-M-Draper/706340 Family Sharon has 4 kids and a husband. She is currently living in Cincinnati, Ohio Fun Facts If Sharon could eat dinner with anybody, she would pick Denzel Washington.

Sharon would hate to be left in a room without books! Quotes from Sharon “What's right isn't always popular, and whats popular isn't always right.”

“Do not let anyone stop you from succeeding”

“Don't take life as a advantage take it seriously because it's not a game” How She Became an Author Sharon was entered into a writing contest by her students and won. She got 5,000 dollars and started her writing career. Her First Book After winning the contest, she decided to finish the book that she started. This book later became known as Tears of a Tiger Dealing with Rejection Tears of a Tiger was rejected twenty four times before finally being published by a man named Simon Pulse Advancing Since Tears of a Tiger was such a hit, she went on to write two more books in the Hazelwood trilogy. Her next two books were called Forged by Fire and Darkness Before Dawn More Books Sharon went on to write more than twenty books and has won many awards for them. More Books Sharon eventually wrote more than twenty books and won awards for a lot of them
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