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Arizona Manufacturing Partnership Presentation

No description

Walter Tillman

on 6 August 2013

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Transcript of Arizona Manufacturing Partnership Presentation

Arizona Manufacturing Partnership Strategic Vision
Business Driven
Educational Institutions
Go on the Road to Businesses
Economic Development Agency Endorsements
Grow List of Business Endorsements
Development Board
Move to Funding
A robust, sustainable manufacturing sector
Associations Model
Regional Approach
Targeted Companies
Target Local / Regional Associations (such as ATMA)
Leverage Regional Chambers
to make the pitch, and tap into their network of companies
"Going after the Big Guys"
Boeing, Honeywell, Intel
What Does that Mean?
How are we going to do it?
1) Participate in dialog
2) Show Preference for employment
The 13 Joint Technical Education Districts
Career Training Programs, Teachers, And more!
4 Strategic Goals
Goal 1
Ensure curricular content and education delivery systems lead to skill development and qualified workers with nationally recognized, industry validated credentials
Goal 2
Serve as the Liaison Between Manufacturing needs and Education
Goal 3
Promote the world-class image of manufacturing to parents, teachers, guidance counselors, and policy makers
Goal 4
Join with the Arizona Chamber Foundation 501(c)3
A robust and sustainable manufacturing sector
Local Chamber Sponsorships
Embed AMP into ACCI office to deliver ongoing support
Increased awareness and positive perceptions of careers in manufacturing
More students pursuing a career in manufacturing
Schools graduating students with industry validated credentials that enable them to come to the work place ready to work
The 10 Community College Districts
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