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Rick Riordan

By Emily Epperson

Emily Epperson

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Rick Riordan

BY: Emily Epperson Childhood Education Adult Years Professional Career His real name is Richard Russell Riordan Jr. Rick Riordan was born June 5, 1964 in San Antonio, Texas , he was also raised there! Rick went to Alamo Heights High School
and graduated in 1982! As a summer job in college, he worked as a councilor at summer camps! Other Intiresting info. Rick Riordan The first book he remembers reading as a kid was Lord of the Rings, he read it numerous times! In high school he was the editor for the school news paper, we won 3rd place in state for the UIL featuring writing! He also wrote his own news paper that trash talked the school, especially the loosing football team! However, the football team later egged his car in return! AS a young adult Rick tried publishing many short stories but never succeed. When he was in high school he was the editor for the school news paper. He began college at North Texas State with the hopes of becoming a guitar player! But later transferred to Texas State! He double majored in English and History
graduating in 1986. In all of his 15 years of teaching every year he always taught mythology, both him and his students loved it! His wife's name is Becky. He also has two sons Haley and Patrick. One of his sons ,Haley, is Dyslexic and ADHD. Rick and his family moved from San Antonio to California and back again because they missed Texas. In high school he thought he wanted to be a guitar player but never actually became one. Before he became a writer he worked as a middle school English, history, and mythology teacher in the San Francisco, Bay Area, and San Antonio
Areas! He taught at both public and private
schools! His son, Haley, who is dyslexic and ADHD always wanted Rick to read him mythology bed time stories! When Rick ran out of stories Haley wanted him to make one up himself! It took 3 days to finish telling the story, and once he was finished Haley encouraged him to wright it as a book, and that is how Rick Riordan wrote The Lightning Thief! Both of Rick's parents were teachers and so was he! Books By Rick Riordan The Lightning Thief 2005, the Sea of
Monsters 2006,The Titans Curse 2007, The
Battle of the Labyrinth 2008, The Last
Olympian 2009, The Lost Hero 2010, The Red
Pyramid 2010, Son of Neptune 2011, Throne of Fire
2011, Mark of Athena 2012, Maze of bones 2008, The Demigod Files 2009, The Serpent Shadow 2012, Vesper Rising 2011, The Black Box of Buried Secrets 2010, Demigod Diaries 2012, The Kane Chronicles Survival
Guide 2012, Percy
Jackson and the Olympians: Ultimate Guide 2008,
Percy Jackson and the Sword of Hades 2008,
Demigods and Monsters 2007! Awards Rick
Riordan Recieved Rick Riordan has won the Edgar Award, the Anthony Award, The Shamos Award, two Mark Twain Awards, and a Rebecca Caudill Award! Bibliography " Books by Rick Riordan" Good Reads N.p.,n.d.Web 15 Jan 2013. www.GoodReads.com "Rick Riordan" The Online World of Rick Riordan! N.p., n.p. Web 15 Jan 2013. www.RickRiordan.com "Rick Riordan Biography" Schoolastic N.p., n.d. Web 15 Jan 2013. www.Schoolastic.com "Rick Riordan" FAMOUS AUTHORS N.p.,n.d.Web 15 Jan 2013. www.FamousAuthors.org
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