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The Odyssey Book 8

No description

Allie Spinner

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of The Odyssey Book 8

The Odyssey Book 8
King Alcinous
After hearing his story, Alcinous wants to help Odysseus avoid the dangers of the ocean, so Alcinous generously grants him a ship and crew to help him find his way.
The Games
**The games included racing on foot, wrestling, and discus.
The Games
Because Odysseus longs to see his family after being away from them for ten years, he desperately wants to go home.
Book 8
Book 8 of The Odyssey is all about the generosity of King Alcinous to Odysseus. Odysseus must compete in physical games to gain respect from the King and his people.
**Before Odysseus can leave, there is a banquet in honor of the beginning of the games.
The Muses, who are Zeus' many daughters, sing a song that reminds Odysseus of home, which leaves him emotional. He covers his face with his cloak to hide his tears, and the only one to see Odysseus crying is King Alcinous.
The Muses
The competitors were each very strong and the best of their sport. Alcinous had his three sons, Laodamas, Halius, and Clytoneous, competing in the games.
Laodamas, one of the sons of King Alcinous was known to be arrogant. After winning a few of the races, he decided to taunt Odysseus.
Because Odysseus was feeling down, he wasn't in the mood to talk to Laodamas. Laodamas had just thrown the discus the farthest out of all the competitors and had began to gloat. Out of spite, Odysseus grabbed the largest discus and threw it farther than any other discus had been thrown.
2. What was one of the events included in the games?
1. What was the banquet in honor of?
The Ending
King Alcinous saw Odysseus crying and asked him where he came from and why he was crying.
When King Alcinous hears his story, he sympathizes with Odysseus. Then the King orders a ship and a crew to help Odysseus get home. We see the generosity of King Alcinous through these actions..
3. What did King Alcinous provide Odysseus with at the end of Book 8?
Odysseus tells the King about the Trojan War and how he has not seen his family in ten years.
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