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Lokai Promotional Project

No description

Amber Vickrey

on 26 March 2015

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Transcript of Lokai Promotional Project

Our campaign
Social media & Braodcasting
The lokai bracelet is made with clear beads, as well as a black and white bead on opposite ends of eachother. These beads and what they contain is what makes the product so special.
White bead
Black beed
Current colors that are available on the online store.
This product targets anyone from all ages and races. With the bracelet comes a very significant prize to those in need. The price of these bracelets are $18.00 to $20.00 a piece. This seemes pricey however 10% of the profit goes to charities in need.
Competition is any business that sales jewelry or any business that gives back to charities like TOMS.
Social media is always a free way to advertise and get our product known. We can use different hashtags like #FindYourBalance, #MyLokai or #LiveLokai. These are all great things that can be placed on our television commercials or even spoken out through broadcast as well.
The cost for advertising on the radio is done on a per-spot basis. You will be charged every time your ad runs. So, if you want your ad to run 5 times per day for 5 days you will have a total of 25 ads. If you have an single price ad rate of $10 per ad you will be charged a total of $250 dollars for the 25 ads
To broadcast on the radio the cost is from $300 to $500 an ad
Our plan in promoting Lokai bracelets would be to bring this product into local stores and business that already sell jewlry and offer more options to buy this product instead of just online.
After we introduce the product into those stores and seeing how well the sales go, hopefully Lokai will be brought into its own Local stores and shops.
By upgrading the product and coming up with new product ideas like earrings, necklaces, headbands, ect... The business will pick up as well.
Changing up the colors of the product can also benefit the company.
We take the advantage of selling this product because most businesses arent giving back to charities in need.
This is the slogan for our campaign, it's simple and easy to catch on with. the provided in our campaign will be the newest colors of the bracelets that we will sell each one representing the charity that Lokai is branched with.
"red" cure for Alzheimers
"blue" Water Charity
"yellow" pencils of promise
"purple" music beats hearts
"green" American Himalayan
"pink" Kind learning
Lokai has been an active business that has been active since 2009
In just that time Lokai has made well over a million and given 400,000 to charities.
Lokai has made 18,000,000,000 just being in the business.(That's just online sales)
Social media
The bracelet sells itself after we describe how they are made and the outcome of buying one of these stylish bracelets.
The strategy we are applying is trying to get people to know that our company helps toward a list of different charities.
The customers purchase this product to make a different in others lives and there own while making a memorable purchase for a good cause.
In the hopes that we will create loyal customers that appriciate how much we give back to others and not just for our own benefit.

By Amber Vickrey & Heaven Throgmorton
Advanced Marketing
Period 4
March 25th, 2015
Lokai Promotional Project
Television and Article Ads
Local television stations typically charge from $200 to $1,500 to create a 30-second commercial. National commercials produced by an advertising agency cost far more, averaging $342,000 for a 30-second spot in 2008, according to the American Association of Advertising Agencies.
Television is expensive but if we create enough profit to make and inspirational commercial that will catch peoples attention and help promote Lokai and charities the product/ products and the business will become more successful that way.
Ads range from anywhere between 50 to 500 and ad depending
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