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Phase Change Diagram

No description

heather cordle

on 6 February 2018

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Transcript of Phase Change Diagram

Phase Changes
Boiling Point
The temperature at which a liquid turns to a gas.
Melting Point
Heat of Vaporization
Phase Change Diagram
We know what the phases of matter are and their molecular arrangement. What happens when a substance changes phase? What do the molecules do to change the molecular arrangement?
Heat of Fusion
The temperature at which a solid turns to a liquid.
Go to the Canvas Discussion called Phase Changes & follow directions.

When you are done, provide feedback to another students post.
T - Tell something you liked
A - Ask a question
G - Give a suggestion

Amount of
required to change a substance from a solid phase to a liquid phase.
Amount of energy required to change from a liquid to a gas
What happens to the molecules when it reaches its boiling point?
What happens to the molecules when it reaches its melting point?
Students will:
Create a phase change infographic to describe matter as temperature changes
Compare & contrast vocabulary in online discussion, and provide peer feedback

1) Login to Canvas
2) Go to States of Matter Unit
3) Select Phase Changes
4) Press the link to open the prezi for today's lesson
1) Phase Change Infographic
2) Canvas Discussion
3) Surprise!!!
Independent Practice
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