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Hitler Youth and the United German Girls

No description

Vivian Zhang

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of Hitler Youth and the United German Girls




Background Info
Hitler Youth
aka Hitler - Jugend
Established 1926
2 groups (separated by age)
Many outdoor activities were necessary
Consisted of 90% German youth
Prepared youth for military
United German Girls
A.k.a. Bund Deutscher Madel (BDM)
Established 1929
Girls branch of Hitler Youth
Prepared girls for motherhood
Activities: Music, craft
Younger girls collected money for the war
Older girls aided injured soldiers
3 groups, according to age
Requirements: ethnic German, German citizens and no genetic illnesses
Youth movements were of German culture
When Hitler emerged to power, all other youth movements were abolished
All children were required to take part
Influenced children with many different activities
"He alone, who gains the youth, owns the future"
- Adolf Hitler
"Anyone can deal with victory. Only the mighty can deal with defeat."
- Adolf Hitler
"Words build bridges into unexplored regions"
- Adolf Hitler
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