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B&W Transportation & GIS

No description

Peter Ferretti

on 19 August 2014

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Transcript of B&W Transportation & GIS

Our Team Can Provided Unique Services GIS and Transportation Core Service Applying What We Do with Other Internal Groups Advanced Service An Introduction to B&W's GIS Team To introduce B&W's GIS Team to the Transportation Group and discuss possible
opportunities to team together. Objective: Topics: Where We Are
What We Are Doing
How We Can Be Utilized GIS and Transportation An Introduction to B&W's GIS Team Talented Staff
Diverse Skill Sets (exhibit creation, data management, software expertise, development and client relations)
Wide Variety of Work Experience A Bit About Ourselves
Advantageous vs. Competing Engineering Firms
Azteca Systems (Cityworks - Asset Management)
Latitude Geographic ( Geocortex - Web Mapping)
Web Mapping
Asset Management
Community Outreach
Integration with GIS for a "Bigger Picture" What Can We Do For Transportation? Compiling Existing Data Data Analysis Supporting Other B&W Services http://gis2.baxterwoodman.com/WoodDale Data Management /Cleanup Exhibit Creation On-site Consultation Utility Data Networking Custom Application Development Asset Management Systems Water Modeling SCADA Visualization Integrate In New Ways With Others... http://gis2.baxterwoodman.com/WDDLC_CW_Test/default.aspx Services Include: 6 Team Members We Are Strong Together We Provide a Wide Range of Services: Use The Industry Standard Software - ESRI Business Partners With: EXAMPLES http://gis2.baxterwoodman.com/WoodDale/ http://gis2.baxterwoodman.com/WDDLC_CW_Test/ Cityworks Asset Management Web Based Mapping / Mobile Access Community Outreach Portal http://www.graefgis.com/US12/ Each with Unique Roles Bring together all GIS data in an easy to access environment
No software download
Access Anywhere with an Internet Connection
Shows relationships between Transportation and other GIS
Web forms that collect / inventory stake holder data with geographic links (good PR)
Many Agencies are providing high quality data.
Planimetrics: Pavement Edge, high-res topo, building footprints, etc... Report Maintenance Issues, Potholes, Tree Down, etc... GPS - Can collect and input into GIS any geographic data
(4" horizontal Accuracy, 1' vertical) -Sign Inventory
Bar Coding
life cycle

-Culvert Inventory
Geotagged Photos Map Books / Atlas Creation
Esthetically pleasing and Readable Links to MicroPaver
Map MicroPaver Data Base Data Acquisition Data Collection Exhibit Creation Web / Mobile Solutions Community Involvement Apps. Asset Management Cityworks Asset Management
Brings together all collected GIS Data into a GIS-Centric Asset Management System Base Data Aquisition / Management Data Collection (in the field) Exhibit Creation / Analysis Exhibits Analysis Heat mapping
Relationship Analysis
(Andy's Example)
Map Trends / hotspots
Safety Studies
Geocoding Accident Data to find Trends Web / Mobile Mapping Web Based Forms link directly to Server
Pavement Analysis
Culvert Inspections http://gis2.baxterwoodman.com/WoodDaleMobile/ Web Based Desktop App. Example Mobile App. Example Stakeholder Involvement Inventory Public Facing Outreach Portals Web / Mobile Solutions LINKS: Community Involvement Apps. Stakeholder Example: LINKS: Asset Management Cityworks Asset Management Example: LINKS: Available Data Data Management Data Preparation / standardization for seamless transition into existing GIS GPS (-88.672, 42.334)
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