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The Solar System Brochure!!!

Want to have a great vacation but dont know where to go? How about an amazing trip through the solar system!?

Sabreen Hamad

on 8 February 2011

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Transcript of The Solar System Brochure!!!

The Solar System Our solar system is
made up of 8 different
exciting and unique

Neptune Mercury!!! There are so many positive things about mercury!
However, one downside is that this planet does not
have any satellites. This may work for some people,
though, who hate that stupid light in the sky keeping
them awake at night! Another great aspect of Mercury,
for all you heat lovers, is at its closest
mercury is only 46 million km from
the sun. This could be converted to .31 au.
Since Mercury is so elliptical, at its furthest
away from the sun it is 70 million km from
the sun, or .46 au. This means that it would
take about 920 seconds to get there! Still need more reasons to go to
Mercury!? Well if you love hot
weather than this is the place to be.
Since Mercury is the closest planet to
the sun, temperatures soar to about
800 degrees farenheit. However, if you
like the cold weather you should visit at
night because temperatures drop down
to -300 degrees farenheit! I guess you could say that Mercury has "the best of both worlds!" People who love to watch meteor
showers on earth would just love
this planet! Because Mercury has
little atmosphere, there are millions
of craters upon its surface. The lack
of a strong atmosphere lets in many
meteors every day. As your sitting on
Mercury you could be watching first
hand the meteors "showering" down
on you! Who doesn't want to slim down
and loose a couple of pounds!?
Especially if your from the U.S.!
Well on Mercury you will love our
extensive weight loss program! YOU
If on earth you way 100 pounds, then
naturally, on Mercury, you would only
weigh 37.8 pounds! Isn't that great!? Haven't you always wanted to
visit a famous place before!?
Well Mercury has been visited
by a space probe in the past!
However because of it's intense
climates, only one has ever landed
on the surface of Mercury. This probe
was called the Mariner 10. If you visit
Mercury then you would be able to
see the spot where the only thing that has ever survived on that planet landed! Who loves to take long space ship rides? I DO!! Well if you visit Mercury you can just sit back and relax for 920 seconds until you get there! Our space shuttles travel at around 50,000 km/s so this shouldn't be much of a long trip at all. Floridians, this is your planet! Since
Mercury has no tilt, there are no
seasons! Many people are attracted
here from Florida since their seasons
and Mercury's "seasons" aren't much
different since there are none! Nobody I've ever met likes be rushed
during vacation. However if you come visit
Mercury a whole 7 days and 7 nights
is equal to 410.9 Earth days. This gives
you the time you need and deserve
to enjoy your vacation and have fun. This
means you can get so much more done since
the rotation period of Mercury is 58.6 Earth
days! Venus!!! Just like on Mercury, Venus has
a slow day. One of Venus's days is
equal to 243 Earth days! Because of
this, people are left with enough time
to sight-see and enjoy the breath-taking
views. Venus has zero satellites, but
the climate and beauties of Venus
make up for the lack of satellites! This is a perfect people who want
to see the sun amazingly well. On
Mercury the sun is very close and
is too bright, on Earth the sun is bright
but not bright enough, however on Venus
it is the perfect distance away from the sun
to make an astonishing view of it. At it's closest,
Venus is 108 million km from the sun or .722 au. At it's furthest, venus is 109 million km or .729 au! IT'S THE PERFECT DISTANCE! :p The ride to Venus would not take very long. Our rockets travel 50,000 km/s so you can sit back and enjoy a quick trip of 2160 seconds! Most people love this aspect of Venus! For those people who feel like they hold the
"whole weight of the world on their shoulders",
this is the place for you!!!! Because of how hot
and thick Venus's layer of atmosphere is, you would
feel immense pressure the whole time your there.
This strengthens the back muscle and can prevent
arthritus! Why wouldn't you want to come here!!!??? This planet is even better than Mercury
for the heat lovers. On the surface of
Venus, the temperature reaches up to
860 degrees farenheigt! This is due to the
extremely hot atmosphere! Do you love to wind-surf or dust-board? Well
this is the planet to visit then! Because of the
atmosphere, winds on the planet move slow but
have very major effects on the dust and such.
Sand boarding and wind surfing is easy on this planet
and very fun! Venus does not have any seasons because
it's axis is not tilted. So basically this planet
is hot all the time! Africans and Australians
would have a GREAT time here! Adapting to the
heat isn't hard for other people either! Many
people end up loving the heat once they visit
Venus once. On Venus, you would naturally drop ten
pounds! We have set up a very basic Weight
Watchers program and it's very cool! If you
weigh 100 pounds on earth then you would
automatically weigh 90.7 pounds just by
visiting and joining the Weight Watchers
program! Venus has a very cool and awesome
historical background! The first U.S.
probe was called the Mariner 1 but failed
at launch. Shortly after the Mariner 2 was
built and successfully reached Venus. Although
it had a tough time getting through the atmosphere,
it was a successfull mission. It's so cool to
visit places that has meaningful and sweet history! Earth!!! Most humans live on Earth. We should all
be aware that the rotation period for earth
is 23 hours and 56 minutes. Because of this,
there isn't that much time to finish things
(like this prezi). However this allows humans
to have sufficient amounts of sleep to rest
and recooperate. Since one rotation period or
day is about 24 hours, then 7 days and 7 nights
would be about 168 hours! The period of revolution for the Earth is
365 days. This is Earth's year. Even though
it's not too long, it provides a good way to
age people. The Earth has 1 satellite! It's beatiful and
it's called the moon. Our moon goes through
many different stages so every night you can
look up and see the many different stages of the
moon. The Earth is approximately 150 km or 1.00 au from
the Sun. Because of this, we still have a marvelous
view of the sun! Since our space shuttles travel at about
50,000 km/s, then it would take about 3000 seconds to get
to earth from the sun. Earth's atmosphere is very unique. It's divided
into 4 different layers. Our atmophere is made
up of 3 different gases; nitrogen, oxygen, and
argon. It's not as dense as Venus's atmosphere
but it is dense enough to keep meteors from
hitting us. So if you don't like to be hit by big
meteors than you would probably love this planet! There is not one overall climate of Earth.
If you visit Earth then you will find that
we have regional climate. Depending on
where you live, you will be experiencing
different climates. This is why this planet
is the most adaptable. It is appealing to people
who like cold weather, hot weather, and warm
weather. There are many things to do on Earth
because of the climates and the different terrains
of different places on Earth. Another thing about Earth that is "regional" would
be temperature. This somewhat falls in with climate
but depending on where you live, you will have
different temperatures. There have been no probes sent to Earth
because Human's already live on it. While
on Earth many amazing discoveries have
been found. For instance, we have found out
that Earth is the only planet that can
sustain life. Amongst many more discoveries
this is a very important one! Mars!!! (The Red Planet) Mars has about the same rotation
period as Earth! It's day is 24 hours
and 37 minutes. This is efficient time
for you to visit the sights and have
a good vacation! Your week vacation
here will be so fun and since you will
have approximately 168 hours on this
planet, you can have some laid back
napping time! Mars revolution period
is about 686 Earth days! Who likes to grow older? NOBODY! By visiting this planet you will be younger for longer!! For the people who love bright moons
and beautiful views of satellites, you would
love the red planet! This planet doesn't just
have one moon, but two! They are named
phobos and deimos. They orbit around Mars just as the moon orbits around Earth! Since Mars is the 4th planet
in the solar system, it is a bit
further away than the other
three from the sun. At it's closest
Mars is about 205 million km or
1.37 au. However at it's furthest,
Mars is about 249 million km or
1.66 au. At it's closest, with a shuttle
that travles at about 50,000
km/s then you would be able
to reach Mars in about 4100
seconds. A quick trip and we provide
snacks and sleeping quarters on
your trip! The atmosphere of Mars is mostly
made up of carbon dioxide. It's very
thin however when the carbon dioxide
freezes, it will begin to snow on the mountain
caps. After this happens, the carbon dioxide
will warm up and float back into the thin
atmosphere. The climate of Mars is actually very similar to Earth. It
has climate changes and seasons. Most people who
visit this planet love snow boarding. This is because
during the "cold season" on Mars, it snows and causes
ice ages! However it is very hot when it is not snowing.
The heat of Mars is about 60% more than the heat of
Earth! So if you like cold weather you can come when
there are ice ages. If you like hot weather than go ahead
and visit during the warm season! The average high of Mars is
86 degrees Farenheit and the
lowest is around -245 degrees
Farenheit during the ice ages
and snow caps. Snowboarding
is a very fun pastime on this
planet! Nutri system will not be needed on this planet! If you way about 100 pounds on Earth then your weight would be 37.7 pounds on Mars! A weight loss of about 63 pounds! No one will be fat, as
most people are in America! There have been multiple rovers and
space probes that have visited Mars!
If you come to Mars then you can
brag to all your friends that you visited
a planet that is famous! One of the rovers
that landed on Mars was called the Spirit
Rover. It was launched on June 7th and June
10th and landed on the surface of mars on
Saturday January 3, 2004. Also an amazing
discovery that was found out by using the
Lander, was that there was liquid water on
the surface of Mars! If you come here then you
can learn more about the possible "life forms"
living there! Jupiter!!! You know those people who just
love to rush through the days and
then get a good nights rest. The
people who like to do everything
fast and wish that Earth days were
shorter. Well this place is the place
for them. Because Jupiter's period
of rotation is about 9.8 hours. That's
how long there day is! This means that your
seven day/seven night vacation will be
about 68.6 hours! This doesn't allow
for much time to enjoy the planet but
for those who get homesick easily and want
to leave your vacation early, this is the place
for you! Also Jupiter's period of revolution
is 12 Earth years. This planet could also suit
the people who like long years but short days! Jupiter has the most satellites in
the whole solar system! This attracts
tons of people to this planet. The
views of al 63 moons are spectacular
and something that you will NOT want
to miss! Don't you just hate when
you are trying to do something
and the sun always gets in your
face!? Well then this planet was
made just for you! Jupiter at it's
closest is 741 million km or 4.96
au. This means that even at it's
closest, you will not have that
annoying sun in your face! At it's
furthest, Jupiter is 817 million km
or 5.46 au! I know that I absolutely hate short
rushed air plane rides to different
countries. Well if you do to then fear
not! You will have plenty of time to relax
on the trip to Jupiter. With our air crafts
that travel at about 50,000 km/s, it would
take about 13640 seconds to get to Jupiter
at it's furthest away from the sun! (Peanuts
and astronaut food will be provided on the
ride!) Jupiter's atomsphere is very complex
but traveling through it would be a
beautiful and magnificent site! Jupiter's
atmosphere is made up of light spots
which are called zones and then dark
spots called belts. The belts are lower in
altitude then the zones. This makes for
a bit of turbulence but not too much! One
thing that you must avoid, however, is the
Great Red Spot. This is a spot on Jupiter that
is very high in pressure and is higher in altitude
than the zones. Also it is a few degrees cooler and
rotates counter clockwise every seven days.
This could be dangerous to fly through because
of the high turbulance in this spot. If you visit
Jupiter make sure you by pass the Great
Red Spot! Sitting at home during a lightening
storm, cuddled up and reading is so
much fun! If you think this is fun too
the you should come to Jupiter. The
climate high in the clouds is very cold
and windy with constant lightening!
However below the clouds it is very hot
and still even windier! This planet is great
for parasailing and sailboating! IT'S SO
MUCH FUN!!!! Jupiter, like many of the other planets,
doesn't have seasons. This is because
Jupiter only has a 3.13 axis tilt. This is not
enough to have seasons. At the top of the
clouds, the temperatures average around
-202 degrees farenheit! However below
the clouds it gets to about 86 degrees
farenheit! Wheather you like cold weather
or hot weather, you'll get both on Jupiter! Don't you hate being anorexic? Well
then you belong on this planet. If you
weigh 100 pounds on Earth then you
would weigh 236.4 pounds! This is great
for people who are too skinny. This way
they will weigh more and be able to live
a better and healthier life style. When the Voyager 2 was sent to
Jupiter it took about 33,000 pictures
and made many interesting discoveries.
They learned that on one of Jupiter's
satellites, Io, there was evidence of
volcanic activity. This was the first time
that volcanic activity was ever seen on
another body in the solar system! One day on Saturn is equal to about
10.7 hours. This is it's period of
rotation. However one revolution or
year on Saturn is about 29.5 Earth years!
This means that you would have plenty
time to sit back and enjoy your vacation.
Your seven day/seven night vacation will
be approximately 74.9 whole hours! Saturn!!! Just like Jupiter, Saturn also has a large
amount of satellites. You may just want
to visit this planet just for the amazing
sites that the moons produce. Saturn has
62 known moons! That's only one less than
Jupiter! At it's closest to the sun, Saturn is
1.35 billion km or 9.02 au from the sun! However, at it's furthest, Saturn is an astonishing 1.5 billion km or 10.02 au! This means that you will not have too much brightness so if you love the dark, this is the planet for you! Because of the great distance, our space shuttles that travel at about 50,000 km/s would take 27000 seconds! A pretty long trip for those of you who love to relax! Saturn's atmosphere is made up of about
75% hydrogen and 25% helium. The atmosphere
looks like faded orange bands around the planet.
Because of the atmosphere, you can find trace
amounts of liquid and ice on this planet. This means
you can collect souvenirs and bring them home for
your loved ones! Saturn is the best for people who love windsurfing or flying sail boats! This
planet has the highest winds clocking
in at about 1800 km/s! Also Saturn's climate
is best for people who like extremely cold weather! This is because the average temperature for Saturn is about -292 degrees Farenheit! Also if you like to see major lightening storms than you can't miss visiting the equator of Saturn! There are millions of strong lightening storms that could kill you even if your close to it! YAY! Saturn has many different seasons because it has a
significant axial tilt. Actually its axis is tilted more
than Earths' is! Because of this, Saturn has more
seasons that last up to 9 years each! If you like seasons
then come on down to Saturn! On Saturn you gain about 6.4 pounds then if
you were on Earth. So if you weighed 100 pounds
on Earth than you would weigh approximately
106.4 pounds on Saturn! This is great for those
people who are a bit too skinny and need to just
fatten up a little! :P One very cool thing that's was just
discovered about Saturn is that there
are wave patterns! Astronomers have
been able to somewhat measure the
waves on the atmosphere of Saturn and
have found that there is a pattern behind
the waves in the atmosphere! You don't
want to miss this! Uranus Uranus's period of revolution or one
year is about 84 Earth years! This gives
you more than plenty of time to enjoy
yourself and see the sites. However one
day or it's period of rotation is about
17.24 hours. It's a bit less time than that
of an Earth day however I think it's the
perfect amount of time. Your 7 day/ 7
night vacation will be about 120.68 hours! Uranus also has the perfect amount
of satellites! It has 27 moons and rings.
These moons are faint, however beautiful.
It would be a shame to miss out on these
gorgeous sites! Uranus is a great distance
away from the sun. At it's
closest it is an outstanding
2.7 billion km or 18.04 au!
At it's farthest, it's roughly
3 billion km or 20.05 au! Since
our space crafts travel at about
50,000 km/s, it would take us
about 48000 seconds to get you there!
This would definitaly be enoug
time to watch a couple movies on
our free t.v. nights! This planet's temperature is always super
cold. This is due to the very cold internal
temperature of the planet. Saturn's surface
usually stays at about -371.2 degrees farenheit!
I love the cold weather but even if you like the
cold you might want to pack a bit warmly! Uranus is tilted on its side a lot. This is thought
to have happened by another planet colliding with
it and knocking it on the time. Because of the tilt
and the way it is tilted Uranus has seasons. The north
pole will be in "spring and summer" for half a year. Also
the atmosphere of Uranus is made up of about 83%
hydrogen, 15% helium, and 2% methane. Because of the
traces of methane in the atmosphere, the blueish greenish
colored wisps are created. Just like many of the planets you will loose weight on this
planet! If you weighed 100 pounds on Earth then you would
weigh about 88.9 pounds on Uranus. I also think that this is
the perfect amount of weight for people to loose. It's not too
much and it's on too less! You'll look great on this planet! On August 20th, 1977 the only
space probe headed to Uranus
was launched. It arrived to the
surface of the planet in January
1986. This was an important success
because it was the only space probe
to ever successfully reach this planet.
You wouldn't want to miss being able
to brag about this one when you get
home! Neptune!!! Neptune has a relatively long year. It's period
of revolution is about 165 Earth years! However
it's day is shorter than Earth's day. It's period
or rotation is 17.24 hours! Sufficient time to do
what you want on you 7 day/7 night vacation. This would allow you 120.68 hours to do what you wish. Neptune has a small amount of moons. However
it is still a magnificent site to see! It has 13 known
satellites with faint rings. The faint rings aslso produce
a more stimulating picture. Neptune is the furthest known planet from the sun.
At it's closest, Neptune is 4.46 billion km or 29.81 au!
At Neptune's furthest however, it is about 4.56 billion
km or 30.48 au! It's very far away and this planet will
allow you the maximum time to get comfortabe on the
ride there and relax. This trip is estimated to take about
89200 seconds. Also you will be able to site see
all the other planets as you pass them! The atmosphere of Neptune is similar to
most of the larger planets in the solar system.
It's mainly made up of 80% hydrogen, 19% Helium,
and 1.5% methane. The atmoshere of Neptune is
a deep blue color and this is due to the methan
contained in the atmosphere. The temperature of Neptune is very cold. About -256
degrees Farenheit. It's very cold here because it's the
outermost planet and it doesn't see much sunlight. If
you like the frigid cold and fighting to survive through
hypothermia, then this is the only planet for you!!!! :) Also on Neptune, there are high winds that
are caused from the heat of the inner core
and the below freezing surface of the planet
mixing together. Neptune is great for trying
to learn to fly! Again, this planet is one that is good for people
who are underweight. On this planet you gain about
12 pounds. If you weight on Earth is 100 pounds then
your weight on Neptune will be 112 pounds! The same probe that landed on Uranus
was the same and only one that has
ever landed on Neptune and aquired
information from it. It's pretty cool to
come to this planet and be able to say
you survived the conditions when a space
probe couldn't! Sun!!! The sun is the source of light
and heat for our solar system.
It is a star and is the brightest
one that we know of. The sun
allows the Earth to flourish and
for people to live and thrive. The
sun contains 99.85% of the mass
of the solar system! It is best
described as a burning ball of gas
in the sky. The surface emmits
solar flares that could actually
damage planets. Our sun is halfway
through it's
predicted life span. Because the sun's
gravity is 28 the
times of our
gravity on earth.
If you weighed
150 on Earth then
you would weigh
4200 pounds on
the Sun! Asteroid Belt!!!! The Asteroid belt is the region of interplanetary
space between Mars and Jupiter. The asteroid
belt is where most asteroids are found!! The total weight of all the asteroids in the asteroid
belt is about 1/35th of that of our moon of Earth! Most of the asteroids in the asteroid
belt were named after greek mythical
gods and/or godesses. Kuiper Belt!!!! The kuiper belt is a disk-shaped region of minor planets outside the orbit of Neptune. The Kuiper Belt is the most recently
observed section of the solar system! The Kuiper belt is observed to be
40-50 au from the sun!! Haley's Comet! This was the first comet that was ever observed
to be reoccuring. It's probably one of the most
famous comets in the solar system. It is the best known short period comet and it is visible
from earth about every 75-76 years. Halley's comet is estimated to be somewhere around 4.5 billion years old!!! Encke Comet! Encke Comet is a periodic comet that completes
an orbit of the sun once every three years. Encke comet has the shortest orbital
period out of every other comet. The encke comet was also the second
comet to have it's period of rotation
established! The period of rotation for this
planet is 58.65 days and the period of revolution is 0.24 years. The rotation period of Venus is
243 days and it's period of revolution
is about 0.62 years. Your seven day/
seven night vacation would be about
1701 days! The Earth has four seasons. This is because
Earth is slightly tilted on it's axis. We have
four seasons; spring, fall, summer, and winter!
Summer and spring are the warmer of the four
and winter and fall are the cooler/colder of the
four! People usually know their weight on Earth because they live here. However the wait on earth is 28 times less than that of on the sun! Mars is very similar to Earth in some ways. Because Mars has a tilt on it's axis it has seasons. However the winters are
insanely cold (good for you cold lovers) and the "hot times" are still just a bit less cold! The average temperatures on the surface
of Jupiter is about 230 degrees farenheit
to -364 degrees farenheit! Very large range
in temperatures! Neptune has a significant tilt so therefore
it does have seasons. These seasons last up
to around 40 years each! There are violent
springs and summers and terribly harsh
winters and "falls." Halley's comet is believed to be about 4.5 billion years old! Halley's comet is estimated to be 10 km in width
and 15 km in length! The end of my terrible prezi :) Halley's comet is believed to be about 10 km width
and 15 km lengths.
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