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Copy of Flight #116 is Down- English Project

No description

Stefanie DeLeon

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Flight #116 is Down- English Project

Flight #116 is Down! Background Information Title: Flight #116 is Down! Author: Caroline B. Cooney Genre: Realistic Fiction Pages: 201 Publisher:Scholastic Inc. Literary Elements Main Characters Patrick Farquhar:
Seventeen year old boy
Trained and certified EMT
Yearned for more emergency
action in his town
Heiedi Landseth:
Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Landseth
rich family
lives in estate in remote part of town
undervalues self Supporting Caharacters Mr. Farquhar Patrick's father
volunteer rescue worker

Ty Maronn
Juniour ambulance volunteer
was a big help in taking care of the jobs nobody else wanted to do
(the "boring" jobs)
girl traveling home on the plane
hurt in the crash
died later on Setting The story is set in a small
town called Nearing River, located
in connecticut. Plot Exposition: The small town of Nearing river has an emergency response
team composed of mostly volunteers who are bored with their work. Conflicts:
Internal- Patrick wants to do more, but his age and lack of experience prevents him from being able to do so.
-Heidi struggles to find a purpose.
External- Patrick and the other rescuers struggle to save surviors in the twisted wreckage and harsh conditions. The book talks about all of the passengers
on the plane and their background situations. The plane lurches and began
falling out of the sky. The plane crashes behind the Dove House Estate. (Heidi's house) Rising Action Climax Rescuers arrive and save as many survivors as possible. Falling Action Resolution Everybody is glad to be alright and learns to cope with what happened. Patrick is
satisfied with what he did to help and Heiedi was proud of herself for being so helpful in the situation.
Review I would recommend this book to anybody who is interested in rescue work and saving lives, because it is a main theme throughout the book. I would also recommend the book to teenagers because the main characters are our age which makes them easier to relate to. The book is exciting and you can feel yourself in the characters' shoes. Darienne
Passanger that survived the plane crash unscratched
snobby/ selfish
refuses to help save the other hurt passengers
Protagonist v. Antagonist Protagonist- Patrick: Patrick is constantly being undermined by the adult rescue
workers. He feels like he should be able to do more because he is also a
trained and certified EMT. Antagonist- the adults- The adults are pushing Patrick out of the way, because
they are more experienced. Even though he is trained and certified, the adults don't take
Patrick as seriously as he thinks they should. By: Brian Turi
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