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Her Campus USF

No description

Justine Figueroa

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of Her Campus USF

Campus Correspondent (President)
Editorial Assistant
Her Campus USF
2014-2015 Leadership Positions
Director of Philanthropy
Oversees/approves all aspects of HC USF's functions -- editorial , social media, publicity
Performs all administrative functions through CSI to remain in good standing as an RSO
Corresponds daily with HC Nationals, CA, GA, HC Team
Recruits new members, works to create a positive and safe social space for members
Determines meeting schedules/ corresponds with MSC EMS
Develops new e-board positions, maintains and enforces accountability initiatives
Leads or delegates GBMs and workshops
Creates, manages content according to HC brand
Creates sponsored content and distributes products to team
Supports and represents the mission of Her Campus in a professional manner at all times.
EIC must be a majoring or minoring in a related subject, have experience in editing, or professionally/academically qualified.
Copy edits and uploads articles daily (using CCs site account).
Update style guide for writers to use (as necessary)
Manages and organizes the HC USF inbox
Assists in the development of new content (content generation)
Will train writers, lead brainstorming sessions, etc with the assistance of the EA & Campus Correspondent.
Will recruit new writers/ team members and will administer edit tests when desired
Serves as a lead representative at all campus events and will represent the organization when the CC is unavailable.
Will attend executive board meetings
Will attend and lead editorial team meetings with the assistance of the Editorial Assistant and the supervision of the CC.
Must delegate new tasks to the Editorial Assistant when desired
Will have final say on when and if content is published on Her Campus USF
Liaise between the editorial team and the Campus Correspondent

Reminds the writers of pieces that are due or are past due.
Recruits new writers with the help of EIC
New recruits must join the organization through CSI before being work with HC USF
Generates article ideas for editorial team.
Organizes/updates editorial calendar/more content section.
Assists EIC with copy editing when necessary
Attends executive board meetings
Will attend/lead editorial team meetings with EIC
Will CC the Campus Correspondent on all emails sent to the editorial team, new writers, businesses requesting promotional content, other executive board members, etc.
Any other tasks you choose to pursue (article pinning, live-tweeting PLL, etc.)

Director of Fundraising
Responsible for talking with USF clubs to try to get together for events.
Will work closely with the Events Coordinator, CC,  and Director of Philanthropy
Will assist in the development of collaborative events
Will work with the Director of Fundraising and Events Coordinator to formulate budgets for collaborative events
Will attend executive board meetings
Will CC the Campus Correspondent on all emails sent regarding collaborative events
Campus Outreach Coordinator
Involved on campus or have several contacts
Experience programming if possible
Director of External Communications
Sorority Liaison
How do I apply?
Applications will open on Wednesday March 5th.
You can find the link to applications on our Facebook page. (facebook.com/hercampususf)
Applications will close on Friday March 14th.
Interviews will take place between March 17th and March 21st.
Major in mass communications or related field
Interest in content creation
Strong writing and editing skills
Strong written and verbal communication skills
Good leadership skills
Must have at least 10-15 hours/week to commit to Her Campus USF

Editorial Assistant Continued...
Editor-in-Chief Continued...
Major in Journalism/Mass Comm or related subject
Proven leadership ability/interest
Experience in content management, writing, editing is a must
Proven public speaking ability/interest
Organized and creative thinker
Strong, professional, tactful communicator
Approachable, available to members and e-board
Understanding of HC brand, mission and voice
Be very familiar with AP style and the AP Style Book
Have reliable internet
Possess excellent communication skills
Be able to roll with the punches
Enjoy editing
Love writing quality content
Be capable of surgically editing content (edit enough to be professional and correct, but not lose the writer’s voice)
Time commitment : ~10-15 hours/week
Campus Correspondent (Continued...)
Must be organized
Have an enthusiastic personality to encourage people at fundraisers
Think outside of the box to plan unique ways to get money
Feel comfortable reaching out to perspective sponsors and businesses
*In the event that we receive SG funding next year, you must attend a financial officer training and familiarize yourself with all SG and A&S financial processes.

Keep track of organizations money- spending, donations, and money received from fundraisers.
the organization’s means. This is
Plan unique fundraisers and work with local businesses. Often times new businesses are willing to donate their services in exchange for publicity.
* In the event that we receive SG funding, you must keep track of the budget we have been allocated and also plan the budget for the following year. (SG provides assistance and workshops for all of this so don’t worry!)

Director of Fundraising Continued...
Develops/implements service program for chapter
Contacts local organizations to secure dates and times for service events
Serves as team leader for on campus service events SOS, DM, Relay for Life
Plans Relay for Life
Organizes carpooling for off-campus service event
Passion for service
Has local contacts, creative ideas for service
Committed to attending events
Motivates members to participate
Must be an active member of a sorority on campus
Must be organized, enthusiastic
Strong communicator/public speaker
Must have strong contacts/relationships with sorority women
Assists in the creation of event and content partnerships between HC and sorority women
Liaise between HC e-board and women involved in Greek Life
Speaks at Panhellenic/chapter meetings to promote HC events
Contacts local businesses for donations, event sponsorship
Helps CC plan giveaways with donated items
Works with EC to plan events and effectively use donations/sponsored items
Has contacts with local businesses or ideas for businesses/products to pursue that would be of interest to HC readers
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