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Francisco Pizzaro

No description

Jaco Pudi

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of Francisco Pizzaro

Early Life
Francisco was born as a farmer’s son
He lived in Trujillo, Spain
Also, he didn’t go to school
He heard about the New World
He thought he would become rich
He joined Conquistador Vasco Núñez de Balboa
Greatness from Small Beginnings
Henry Hudson's first voyage didn't offer much fame or fortune but he needed to begin somewhere
Henry's First Voyage
Henry was hired by the Muscovy Company of England to find a northern sea route to eastern Asia.
Henry Hudson
1607-1608 Voyage
Hudson and 10 men and one boy went to sea in the 80-ton Hopewell
A bump in the road
When the crew reached 79 degrees 49' N the ice got to thick for the crew to move on
The Game Changer
Henry was hired by the Dutch East India Company to do the same thing as last time.
1609 Voyage
Knowing the ice would be there Henry didn't follow orders and headed west when he and his crew heard rumors of a sea route through North America. Some believe the the rumors referred to the Great Lakes.
The Hudson River
When Henry reached North America he traveled up a river that hadn't been explored yet. It was named... the Hudson River
One Last Voyage
Henry was once again hired by the English. This time by the Virginia Company and the British East India Company. He was hired to find a sea route to Asia above Canada.
On his voyage he found what is now known as the Hudson Strait and the Hudson bay.
After the winter Henry wanted to keep exploring James Bay but the crew wanted to go back to Europe so the crew mutinied Henry. They set Henry, Henry's son, and 7 crew members loyal to Henry adrift in a boat with supplies to survive for only a little bit.
Henry and the people on the small lifeboat tried to follow the ship using oars. The ship then used extra sails to get away from the lifeboat.
Conquest to Peru
Pizarro and Diego Almagro set out on a journey to South America
He tried but failed to beat the Incas twice, he had to go back to Spain to get permission because Panama's leader lost faith in him
First try he brought a ship, 80 men, and 40 horses
Second try he brought 2 ships, 180 men, and more horses
The third time he only brought about the same amount
Pizarro took the Inca leader hostage for ransom, then killed him once the ransom was paid
He eventually conquered the Incas, but faced a new problem;
The conquistadors broke of into factions and fought over the land
Eventually Pizarro's faction won and made a town named Lima, still the capital of Peru today
He ordered Diego Almagro(the other faction leader) to death
An Undetermined Fate
No one knows what happened to Henry after the mutiny
Francisco Pizarro
Death of a Conquistador
Because Pizarro ordered the other leader to death, Diego's family got his close followers to go and assassinate Pizarro. 20 armed men stormed the Pizarro's Palace and killed him, ending a legacy.
Journey With Balboa
They discovered the Pacific Ocean but allegedly Balboa spied on the Pacific first, taking all the credit
Eventually Francisco arrested Balboa under the order of Pedro Arias de Ávila, Balboa's rival and a known tyrant
Pizarro stayed around Panama for a while, then left on voyages to South America, to Peru
An extended stay
When Henry was exploring the James Bay the water froze over and the crew stayed there for the winter.
SOOO Creative
This sucks!
Francisco becomes an Explorer
Francisco set sail for the New World and lived on the island of Hispaniola for several years as a colonist
He sailed on afterward to the expedition that founded the city of San Sebastian, Columbia
Funded by Spain
He sailed with...
Dang it!
Republic of Costa Rica
On another expedition Francisco helped discover what would become Costa Rica
The Awesomeness before you was made by:
Jason Love, Jacob Pudiwitr, Kolin Keith
Make a presentation on Henry Hudson and Francisco Pizarro?
The End
On Henry's journeys he collected many furs to bring back to Europe
Exports (No Imports)
Affect of Natives

What would have happened if he wouldn't had made it to his Destination?
Inca's would still be around
Peru wouldn't even mean anything - It actually came from a river called Piru
Spain wouldn't have the gold and silver it did at the time
Someone else may have set up the town in Columbia
He got a bunch of gold and silver from his voyages
He traded once with natives but no known recordings of what he traded
Most of the Natives were killed
What If he hadn't?
What if he didn't reach his America?
If Henry had followed his commands on his second voyage he would have never explored northern America and exploration of it would have been non-existent for who knows how long.
While exploring 12 men from Henry's crew assaulted a nearby native village, stealing there land.
Affect on Natives
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