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Shawn Stussy

No description

Phillip Boodhoo

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Shawn Stussy

Target Customers
Stussy's target customers are young middle class males and females from 16-25. Most customers buy Stussy clothing in urban stores, skate, and surf shops. Higher end Stussy clothing is sold on the Stussy website and in Stussy stores across the world.
Impact on Design
Stussy clothing has made a very big impact on design bringing back the vintage 90's Hip-Hop vibe. The clothing designs are very simple and they enforce simplicity, but are very high grade. Stussy is one of the clothing brands that started with early Hip-Hop and is still worn today by mainstream artists, thus making many people wear this brand.
Designers Philosophy
Materials & Prices
Stussy has affordable accessories and cotton wear to high end jackets and sweaters. Most of Stussy clothing materials are cotton, there is also leather and nylon. Most shirts have various designs and the famous Stussy logo printed on the the t-shirt. They also have various dress-shirts with different patterns. The price range for clothing is $20 - $900.
Fashion Business
Shawn Stussy has no education in fashion. After graduating from high school he designed custom surfboards in his shop in California. In the 80's, Shawn decided to put his Stussy logo on t-shirts, which many people bought. When he realized the brand was popular amongst the Hip-Hop scene, he started to design urban, surf, skate, and hipster clothing.
Family Life
Shawn married his wife in 1995, Paula, and they have three boys.
Shawn Stussy was born in 1955, he is 59 years old.
Shawn was born in California and now lives in Hawaii. He was raised with his 3 siblings and worked in his parents surf and print shop.
Shawn Stussy
Shawn Stussy is now retired, but his philosophy was always to follow the trends in fashion. Let pop culture influence what you create because people follow that.
Most of all, he believes that there is no specific types of clothing styles, these days, you can mix and infuse any styles to create your own.
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