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Q2 Art Critique

No description

Leah Griffith

on 2 March 2017

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Transcript of Q2 Art Critique

Q2 Art Critique
Final Project
Scary School
Warm & Cool Fruit Painting
Infinity Symbol and Anchor
This wasn't an assignment but I just did it in my spare time. I used pencil and a small eraser and its on sketch book paper. The hardest part of this drawing was the highlighting on the anchor.
This was my progression task final piece. To take it I just used the camera on a samsung phone. It took a surprisingly good picture and then I used an online photo editor to change the lighting a bit. I also added the text at the bottom. The hardest part of this picture was getting the reflections on the globe to blur enough.
For this painting I blended a lot of colors to get the right mix on for example the apple. It was a little difficult to reach the right shades and even still they don't look like what they are supposed to really. The hardest part of doing this painting was the mixing and blending of colors.
This is my scary school drawing. It is hard to tell what it is but it is the celing in the garage/gym at our school. It has highish unfinished ceilings which, in dim lighting, worked for the 'scary' theme. The hardest part of taking the picture was making sure it wasnt too dim but not too light either.
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