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SunPower Prezi

Marketing Tool

Scott Root

on 22 February 2011

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Transcript of SunPower Prezi

DESIGN History Menu of Services
Presented for: Developed for each part of the project at the end of design and buy-out, focusing on critical, high priority details Continuing education is an important part of our culture and all Kitchell employees are encouraged and provided the opportunity for further education. Kitchell provides a wide range of formal training to broaden our employees’ knowledge of risk avoidance, techniques, construction materials, and construction means and methods Training & Education Mock-Up & Testing Identify all systems and components that should be tested and/or assembled before actual construction. Confirm acceptability and refine inspection checklists for field use. Mock-ups are digitally recorded for use during and after the completion of the assembly and to refer to by new team members Inspection Criteria The process Kitchell Quality Assurance uses to capture lessons learned from current and past projects and leverage them on your project reinforcing Kitchell’s dedication to continuous process improvement Lessons Learned QUALITY
ASSURANCE Assessment of the project in design based on known and unknown project factors, budget, time, location, materials and delivery strategies. The resulting “risk score” enables the Team to proactively address/target specific areas of concern before design is completed Risk Assessment Reviews of the design documents formally identifies and documents high risk and conflict areas in a prescriptive manner, allowing the design team to proactively address issues or pay special attention in detailing difficult conditions before construction Constructability Reviews Held at the start of each major work element, involve the Client, Architect and appropriate subcontractors, suppliers and manufacturers, to discuss and adjust, if necessary, final means and methods for a total quality installation Pre-Assembliew Kick-Off /
Pre-Construction Conference Continuously provided on all Kitchell projects, directly to the Team as well as Senior Management. This real-time field information based on the inspections is vital in identifying trends or possible issues that can be proactively addressed Metrics & Analysis Using project specific inspection criteria, an independent 3rd Party inspects each element of the Work as its being placed. All conforming and nonconforming items are recorded. Nonconformances are closely tracked, remedied, re-inspected and documented, before that area of the Work is allowed to close-out Inspections & Documentation In 1950, Sam Kitchell came to Arizona and founded Kitchell with a focus on innovation in construction and client satisfaction. It is our firm commitment to those ideals that has resulted in a growing list of long-term, repeat clients who rely on Kitchell, not only as their development partner, construction manager and/or general contractor, but also as their trusted advisor. DEVELOPMENT As the developer on more than 1,000 projects, we’ve conducted feasibility studies, navigated challenging land entitlement and permitting requirements and raised private equity capital. As a result, we are able to provide support in these areas that will immediately add value. Due Diligence and Feasibility Studies Design and Engineering Management Entitlement and Permit Processing Land Valuation Operation & Easement Agreements Covenant Conditions & Restrictions Development Agreement Negotiations Municipal Participation Agreements CONSTRUCTION 1. We Take Design Documents.... 2. Develop an efficient workflow
utilizing the latest technology... 3. Ensure Quality Craftsmanship
and Worker Safety... Construction Services: Construction Management / Program Management /
Owners Representative General Contracting Scheduling Cost Estimation Safety Management CMAR (CONSTRUCTION MANAGER AT RISK)
LUMP SUM Virtual
Construction Model... ...tied to Construction Scheduling... Utility Coordination ENVIRONMENTAL Northern Arizona University: Solar Field Since 1978 Kitchell has provided Architectural & Engineering services to our clients for over $12 billion worth of projects. Kitchell is ranked in the U.S. by and by . The majority of our clients become Real Estate Advisory 4. Deliver On-Time,
with-in Budget... Locations Our Values... (Virtual Construction) ViCon Site Logistics Virtual Mock-ups 3D Coordination 4D Phasing Communicate project impact on
the site and it's neighbors - Provide Virtual Tours of a Project before completion
- Visualize equipment placement, size, access, and ease of use
- Demonstrate architectural finishes Facilitate Owner, Architect, Engineer and Contractor coordination using 3D Virtual Building Models to
in the field. save time and money Schedule a project and manipulate construction phasing with BIM (Building Information Modeling) to ensure construction efficiency in the field. 5D Quantity Take Off Digitally count, measure, and price all objects (wire, racking, solar panels) in BIM and update changes in real-time to maintain project budget. Facilities Assets
Management - Digitally archive all documents, drawings, warranties, tutorial
videos, and virtual models
- Compile a for easy reference throughout
the lifetime of a project virtual database - maintain a centralized location for all project data
- track changes and notify all users of new uploads Portal Administration ViCon Building Design + Construction Engineering +
Design Services repeat customers . Engineering News Record QA Managers Architectural





Value Engineering

Facility condition studies

Energy analysis


10 ...a diverse Army of Specialists for all your Engineering+Design needs. 14 31 5. ...and hand over a Facility Asset Tool
to serve the Life-cycle of your project. (Track documents 30 years down the road...) - warranties
- specifications
- virtual building models
- training videos
- facilities models
- scheduled operation
and maintainance Facility Planners... 3 10 10 13 Licensed Architects Mechanical, Electrical, Civil and Structural Engineers 18 Cost Estimators & Value Engineers 19 Project Managers 170 Construction Managers / Project Engineers / Superintendants 125 Safety Directors Waste management has come under increased scrutiny over the past decade. Kitchell Environmental Services provides LEED and sustainability consulting and documentation, cost/savings analyses, waste and recycling program consulting, waste removal and recycling coordination services, and subcontractor education. Construction Waste Management Program To help developers and owners with environmental due diligence, Kitchell provides Phase I & II site assessment and all necessary sampling and analysis.

Should your company need representation during a regulatory inspection, Kitchell Environmental Services consults and acts as the Onsite liaison for federal, state, or local environmental inspections. Environmental Due Diligence Kitchell provides training, on-site certified dust control coordination, dust suppressants, palliative installation and services, water trucks, street sweeping, track-out installation and maintenance.

Dust control for construction sites includes reductions of soil disturbance, applying mulch, establishing vegetation, water spraying, surface roughening, applying polymers, spray-on tackifiers, chlorides, and barriers. Dust Control Education, Management and Services KITCHELL ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES has trained 3,000 people at more than 300 companies, including competing firms, in its Comprehensive Dust Control Training class which is now mandated by municipal air quality departments!! Sincere Commitment to Cleaner Air A recipient, Kitchell’s Construction Environmental Management Program has demonstrated “significant initiative, commitment, leadership and accomplishment in developing and implementing a program that has resulted in substantive and long-term air quality benefits or awareness. Kitchell’s record of leadership and recognizing the importance of environmental compliance demonstrates a sincere commitment to cleaner air.” Northern Arizona University: Solar Field All states are now applying the EPA’s SWPPP protocols. Kitchell provides expertise in regulatory documentation preparation, inspection services, storm water consulting, BMP installation and maintenance, qualified inspector training, and implementation of tracking and notification software. Storm Water Pollution
Prevention Program Soil Erosion
Prevention Construction Waste
Recycling www.cleanairmakemore.com Blue Sky Award Air Quality Excellence Award (2009) clean air!! Comprehensive Dust Control Training People This size too... and this size... This size... Let US handle the paperwork... Power your Facility... ...and your Toaster Too!!! Commitment to
Community Service ...integrating Get All Parties
On-Board from the Get-Go. Cover your Costs... Build on Past Experience. Make everyone's life easier later on
down-the-road... Do it right the first time! Sharpen The Toolkit!!! Our Fearless Leader!!! Computer / Technology Specialists Schedulers 8 tour an unbuilt project in Virtual Reality Double-Check against the virtual model
before and during actual construction...
CONTACT US Contact Us... Greg Susan
Ever consider partnering with them? I hear Kitchell's a great company to
work with. No, you idiot.

I'm a pigeon.
PROJECTS Letter of
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